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Top Five Favorite Movies | 至「盞」的五部電影

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I'm still ALIVE! I have been working on my new film "The Banquet". I am having a great time on this project so far. I have been doing a lot of action the past couple of weeks and boy am I tired! Also it's just starting to get cold up here which makes shooting a bit uncomfortable. We have a few scenes in the snow coming up and I can honestly say I am not looking forward to that. But I prefer the cold over the hot and humid HK summers any day. I have a bunch of photos ...Read more

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Break time! Please be patient! | 休息時間, 請給點耐性吧

Hey Guys! Just wanted to let you know I am now back to my day job...acting. It was a crazy fun summer working on our ALIVE project and I wanna thank you all for coming to this site and supporting the project. This has been the one of my more memorable summers thanks to the Alive crew and you crazy fans out there. Honestly, I wasn't expecting things to be successful so quickly, so a little reorganization is in order on our part. Although we are taking a break in terms of public appearances, Terence is busy mas...Read more

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What's up from Daniel. | 吳彥祖幹啥事體

Hey Guys,

Sorry for not blogging for a while but as Terence said, we've been busy putting together new content on the site for you all to download. Anyway, from looking at your comments you guys seem to have good discussions going on so I won't interfere. Can you guys do me one favor though? Try and keep the swear words down because there are a lot of really young kids surfing the site as well.

The Shanghai show was a blast. It was nice to be able to go back to perform for my peeps! We all had a lo...Read more

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Boycott Disneyland! | 杯葛廸士尼樂園

Hey Guys!

After our Taiwan trip we came straight back to Hong Kong and directly to Hong Kong Disneyland. We were asked to help out and do a promotional show for TVB to help introduce Disneyland to the local HK people. There was no pay for this job but ALIVE and the rest of the JC Group artistes decided to do it because we thought it would be fun and we wanted to help out.

Now we all regret doing it. The work was not difficult BUT the Disney staff (specifically the ones from America) were very rude and impolite. T...Read more

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I was sick but I'm OK now! | 我病了,不過現在OK了!

What a scare!

I was in China last weekend to promote my new movie "Drink, Drank Drunk" and got very sick at the end. So sick in fact I was hospitalized for two days! I actually had to get special permission to leave the hospital just to make the HK premiere, then I rushed back into the hospital without even seeing the movie. I finally got out today and it was such a great feeling to be free again!!!!! I was getting worried that I wasn't going to be able to make our Taiwan show.

Anywa...Read more

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Our First Concert Was Such A Rush!!! | 我們第一個音樂會好趕噢!!

Wow! Our first concert was such a rush! It was an exciting time for us because we had very little time to get our first performance together. It was our first show and it would have been nice to have had more time to prepare but it turned out to be ok! I had a lot of fun and so did everyone there. I wasn‚t expecting all theother singers to come down to watch, but people like...Read more

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New Website! (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to let you know that I will not be writing this newsletter for the

next few months BUT no need to worry because you can see my new blog at:


This is the brand spanking new website for my band ALIVE. Not only can you read my frequent blogs but you can also download our songs, music videos and photos for free! There is tons of stuff to look around and we w...Read more

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Daniel's 1st blog entry 31/7/2005 | 吳彥祖私人空間

Hi everyone! I have been on vacation in South Africa for the past few weeks. The past year has been really busy and tiring for me so I decided to take some time off.

South Africa has been amazing! I went on safari for 3 days in Kruger National park and saw all kinds of wild animals. I even saw a pride of 8 lions catch and kill a deer. It was very difficult to watch, almos...Read more

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Life is a Struggle (taken from the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hello everybody!

Yes, long time no write. It has been an extremely busy and exciting past few months for me. I have been working very hard but have also managed to get some time to relax as well. I was able to take a break and go to Japan and do one of my favorite sports, snowboarding! I have snowboarded since I was sixteen years old and have tried to go at least once a year, even while living in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I was not able to go last year because of my knee injury but...Read more

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What going to the movies mean to me. (frm the Official Daniel Wu Fan Newsletter)

Hi everybody!

So happy to have received so many of your mails in the past few months! I noticed that some of you have just only recently begun to follow my movies. That's great! Welcome and I hope that I continue getting all the great support that everyone has been giving me.

I also want to thank everyone for congratulating me on my second Golden Horse nomination! I was so happy to see that I have been recognized for my work in New Police Story. Let's see...Read more

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July 27, 2005