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“@iamOTHER: How did Berkeley-born @danielwuyanzu end up as a movie star in Hong Kong? Watch OTHERS by @HYPEBEAST http://t.co/IseWE7vdTn”

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RT @chinalionfilm: Good morning people! Any @danielwuyanzu & #NickCheung's fan here? #ThatDemonWithin - NOW PLAYING in select theaters! htt…

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Blog update from "Control" Director Kenneth Bi -

Kenneth Bi's blog about the "Control" Press conference in Beijing:

Saving the Chinese White Dolphin|拯救中華白海豚|拯救中华白海豚

Please support the WWF's effort to save the Chinese White dolphin!  Check out http://voteruby.hk today. | 請即支持世界自然基金會拯救中華白海豚的行動!詳細請參閱:Read more

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@谭群钊 @陳樂融 @胖怎么啦_

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//@重新出发2921779631: //@我是一朵花菜:

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be HERO!

Just finished shooting on Dante Lam's "That Devil Within"! Wanted to let everyone know about something I helped out with:

I participated in the promotion for the upcoming "be HERO!" charity 10k run, it's organized by Vincent Kok with photography by Paul Tsang and supporting a very good cause, the Centum Fitmind Charity Run 2013, April 21...Read more

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People Are Awesome|這些家夥了不起|这些家伙了不起|People Are Awesome

How to watch this video.

  1. Make your mouth into an O shape

  2. Click play

  3. When video is over remember to close your mouth

Video: http://youtu.be/A6XUVjK9W4o People are awesome and some have very big balls.

My favorite is 0:53 the fat kid making over the back 3 pointer and the smart baby at the end. You?

...Read more
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Animal Encounters|遭遇野生動物|遭遇野生动物|Animal Encounters

I love animals, in fact experiences with animals can be life changing moments. I remember being on safari a few years ago and staring right into the eyes of a Lion just 6 feet away from me, moments later it ran after a deer, killed it and began eating it again right in front of me. Beauty, violence, grace, survival, the hunt, everything the animal world represents happened right in front of me within minutes. It was amazing.

This video however, takes the cake. I can only imagine how frightening yet a...Read more

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