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Obama | 奧巴馬

                                        I know I still owe the other two parts of my South Africa trip but I'd thought I'd throw this in first...

 Statement on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Chicago, IL  -- Senator Barack Obama today released the following letter commemorating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.   

Dear Friends,The month of May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month...Read more

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Safari | 狩獵旅行

So I've finally had some time to go through the photos I took from this South Africa trip. There are a lot so I'm gonna have to break this blog about my trip into three parts. This is the Safari part and will probably be the most interesting to animal lovers, Discovery Channel freaks and carnivores(you'll see why in a sec).

The fi...Read more

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Back!!! | 回來了!!!

Finally made it back to HK from South Africa. Was delayed in Johannesburg for 24 hours due to the typhoon that passed through HK. I'm so tired!! Will post more from my trip once I've recovered and have collected myself. I must say Cathay Pacific is usually a good airline but they completely mishandled this delay situation. I'm going to have to write them a complaint letter.

| 总算从南非回到香港。因为香港有台风过境,在约翰内斯堡滞留了24小时。我很累!!!一旦恢复了身体和情绪,我会把这次旅程发给你们看。国泰航空一直不错,但这次延误他们完全没有处理好,...Read more

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South Africa!!!! | 南非!!!!

Yes, it's been a while since I've blogged, but that's because I've been entirely off the grid for the past few days. No internet, no cell phone and it's been great! I'm back in South Africa again for the fourth time or is it fifth? Anyway, this time I'm here to show my parents the land I think is one of the mos...Read more

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Ain't No Fool! | 愚人節!|愚人节!

Patrick put us up to the April Fools blog so don't blame me. I wasn't even gonna do it but when I saw how fun everyone else's were, I decided I had to have a piece of the action too. How'd I do it? Easy. Went through my old photos found the broken left leg photo from last year, REVERSED the image and now my right leg is broken. So easy. If you are a detail person you'd see all the ...Read more

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Can't believe it!!!! | 不敢相信!!!! | 不敢相信!!!!

I can't friggin' believe it. I was running up some stairs last night to get inside out of the rain and it was just my luck to slip and fall. This time it's the other leg. I really can't believe it, not one year after the break on my left leg and now this. I saw a fortune teller a few years ago who told that I must be extra careful with my legs. At the time nothing had h...Read more

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Culture Club | 文化俱樂部|文化俱乐部

Went out last night to find some culture in this town. First went to the Mobile Art container by Chanel in Central a top the old Star Ferry Car Park. The capsule/building is designed by one of my favorite architects, Zaha Hadid. It's amazing to see how her conceptual work, done back when I was an architecture student, can be a reality today because of new technologies and materials.

Read more

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The Donger!

I actually liked "Long Duk Dong" when I saw 16 Candles as a kid because he sort of epitomized all the Chinese foreign exchange students that my parents sponsored to come to America back in the 80's and 90's. I didn't really hate him because I was never made fun of by being called Donger. Maybe I went to really liberal ...Read more

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Race in America | 美國種族問題 | 美国种族问题

I am not trying to turn my blog into a political thing. You all know I'm pro-Obama anyway, but I finally had time to sit down and listen to this speech. It is brilliant because it underlies the true problem with America that no one had the balls nor the clout to speak about before. Obama handled it brilliantly speaking straight fr...Read more

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Happy Birthday Dad! | 生日快樂,爸爸! |生日快乐,爸爸!

Today was my Dad's 79th birthday. He looks great for 79. I hope my skin is that smooth when I'm that age...if I even live that long.

He was actually born on the March 24th, 1929 of the lunar calender. When he immigrated to America and they asked him what his birthday was, he just gave the immigration guy his...Read more

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July 27, 2005