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Video Game Car|遊戲機車|游戏机车|ビデオ・ゲーム・カー

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tXU3ZKpQmM&feature=player_embedded This car was designed by my good friend Eric Nakamura. He's co- founder of Giant Robot a magazine that I have been contributing to for over 10 years now. His Nintendo inspired car design is a fun way to pay homage to our generation of video consoles. Eric really...Read more

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Amazing kid|神奇小子|神奇小子|驚嘆すべき子供

Video: http://www.komonews.com/sports/heroes/111892554.htmlThe best thing about the internet is that it exposes you to things that you normally wouldn't have seen on tv or read about in the news. My favorites are video clips of people doing insanely un-human things. This kid is Amazing. I wish I had just one of his skills. |Video: http:/...Read more

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24 Herbs Special Track Preview|廿四味歌曲之特別預覽|廿四味歌曲之特别预览|24ハーブのスペシャルトラックのプレビュー

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFQKH17Dt4Y&feature=player_embedded#! As you may know, 24Herbs MOOV live show is this Tuesday night. You may also know that they are managed by my management company Revolution Talent Management. I'm excited for them because I know they've been working hard on their new album and this will be the first time they will perform them live...Read more

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24Herbs MOOV live|廿四味MOOV live

The 24 Herbs boys have been working hard on their brand new album and will be debuting the entire album at this event. I'll be there. Will you? For more info click here.


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The Man With The Iron Fists|鐵拳男子|铁拳男子

Way back when I was a young teenager, a hip-hop group called the Wu-Tang clan came on to the scene. At first I was confused at why a rap group would use a Chinese name and one related to Kung Fu nonetheless. Anyway I bought the CD out of curiosity (because I'm Chinese and did Kung Fu) and brought it home for a listen. It literally blew my mind away. It was crazy, not only did they sample sounds and dialogue from old school Kung Fu movies( that I actually watched as a kid) their lyrics were ladden deeply cryptic Kung ...Read more

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Trailer for Dan Shen Nan Nu- Don't Go Breaking My Heart|《單身男女》預告片 |《单身男女》预告片




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X-mas Spirit|聖誕氣氛|圣诞气氛

I have seen my fair share of X-mas light displays and nativity scenes. I remember every X-mas my Dad would drive us past this house in Kensington, Ca for the amazing Nativity scene on display. But between this guy(above) spending $82,000 USD a month in electricity bills and t...Read more

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Just wanted to keep the dialogue going on this movie just in case ya'll have forgotten about it. Inseparable is going to be a groundbreaking movie at least story wise for China. So far I haven't seen a modern story told in China like this and much less with the like of Kevin Spacey getting involved! This is also the first time we've had a two time Oscar winner act in a Chinese film. When's the release? Not sure but you'll be the first to know! Below is a pick of me and director Dayyan Eng my first day on set. It&#...Read more

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Mamello and Phelisanong|Mamello和Phelisanong|Mamello和Phelisanong|マメローとフェリサノン

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVLrIVz8ApE&feature=player_embedded http://v.youku.com/vshow/idXMjI1OTI1NTgw.html

The last time I was in South Africa for my wedding I met A couple Gary and Andrea who were also married by Monica the Sangoma. They were very interested in why we want...Read more

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Hu Shih|胡適|胡适

I just finished my cameo in "Jian Dang Wei Ye" The Founding of The Party where I played the famous scholar Hu Shih. Remember my blog about my complaining about the mainland media thinking I was mixed? Well I think this picture resolves that. They even shaved my eyebrows down to t...Read more

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
July 27, 2005