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My best friend from kindergarten just sent me this old Halloween photo from when we were kids. That's me dressed as a gangster in the middle. Who would have known that I was practicing for when I grew up? or maybe I just never grew up. | Read more

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Snowboarding in Hokkaido|在北海道玩滑雪板|在北海道玩滑雪板|北海道でスノボー

Before going to Sichuan, Lisa and  I took a little break for my favorite sport...snowboarding. This time went with Eddie Chung( aka Dor Yuk), Simon Birch, Ryan Hui and his wife Ca...Read more

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Habitat for Humanity|仁人家園|仁人家园|ハビタット・フォー・ヒューマニティ

Last week me and a few boys from my company,Revolution Talent Management, headed up to Sichuan last week to build houses for the quake victims. This was something I've wanted to do since the earthquake and I finally got my chance. Habitat for Humanity is an organization started back in 1976 with an aim of helping build h...Read more

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Little David|小David|小David|ディヴィッド君

I'm not sure if this is right or wrong but it's definitely pretty funny. This kid came from the dentist and the drugs obviously hadn't worn off yet. He's high as a kite! I don't remember trips to the dentist being that fun. The part where he screams "When will this be over!" reminds me of kids in high school getting drunk for the first time.

Video: Read more

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60th Narcissus Pageant|第60屆"水仙花皇后"競選|第60届"水仙花皇后"竞选|第60回ナルキッソス・ページェント

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEfiULkwBbk

I have no idea what the Narcissus Pageant is but my friend sent me this the other day and all I have to say is if it's got Bruce...it's amazing.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEfiULkwBbkRead more

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Calls from telemarketers has got to be the most annoying calls you can get. I usually get them when I'm in a meeting, sleeping in late or away for work. What's worse are the ones from your own cell phone provider. I got suckered into a call the other day from my cell phone provider. He hooked me by starting the conversation with, "You're paying too much for you current plan." He ...Read more

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Change has officially begun!|改變已正式開始!|改变已正式开始!|「チェンジ」が始まった!

Wow! What an amazing day yesterday was! I am so excited and happy to se...Read more

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Green Tip #1|綠色小貼士 #1|绿色小贴士 #1|エコ生活その1

Since we're on a green tip here:

 I've spent the last couple years trying to figure out how to live more "Green" here in Asia. I say Asia because if I were living back in California now, it would be much easier simply because the idea of protecting our environment has been around much longer there so there are so many resources for people when they decide to go green. I say "when" instead of "if" because we must face the fact that the world's resources are dwindling, glo...Read more

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Green Drinks Shanghai|綠色飲品上海活動|绿色饮品上海活动|グリーン・ドリンク・シャンハイ

I got this email notice from fellow AnDer Min Yoo. If you're in Shanghai and are interested in learning more about carbon footprints and how to take steps to save our environment I would highly encourage you to check it out. The Urbn Hotel project is a very interesting hotel. We filmed a couple scenes for my movie "Like a Dream" there. The hotel is made out of recycled of environmentally safe materials as well as help guests...Read more

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Downhill Skateboarding = Homesick|滑著滑板下山 = 思鄉|滑着滑板下山 = 思乡|ダウンヒル・スケートボード=ホームシック

Never thought a downhill skateboarding clip would make me homesick but I used to drive this road at least 4-5 times a week when I was in high school. The highway was always faster, but going over the Caldecott Tunnel from Berkeley back to my house in Orinda was always way more fun. It's actually a really great road set up for mountain rally racing. I did many stupid things on that road as a kid. I can't even remember how many times I've spun out on that crazy hairpin t...Read more

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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
July 27, 2005