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Metro sign with SONY MUSIC!!!

This week has been an incredibly exciting one for Metro and myself, as on Monday 13th September, we officially signed off three contracts securing a deal with Sony Music to put out Metro's CDs , digital music and to co-manage them together with Talent Asia!!!  This was a really big deal for all of us, as Metro have been working towards a deal with a major record label for years and they are the first artists I have ever signed to one of the 4 major labels! We decided to record this momentous day in photos. Kevin Thornton signing the contract: Michael Lance Signing: Sean Signing: Eric Signing the contracts: I can't help myself looking over like a ridiculous stork to make sure everything is ok: And finally it's my own turn to sign off the contracts: Now at 130pm, it is absolutely the right time to open the champagne!!! (it was good stuff too!)We couldn't resist taking a last picture of Sean's very special mug that he used to drink his celebratory champagne from: For everyone who reads this, please take the time to go to Metro's Official Artist page (just click) and congratulate them personally on this massive achievement!!! And look out for the great music to come!:-DSpencer

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congrats guys!
almost 10 years ago
Dsc 1374
congratulation to Metro and you Spencer!
almost 10 years ago
Photo 505164
That's great news! Congrats to All the guys in Metro and Spencer!
almost 10 years ago
Photo 21000
Spencer, congrats!! we'll be looking forward to their music soon! ; )
almost 10 years ago
Photo 61114
Congrats Spence for all the hardwork =) The best is yet to come!
almost 10 years ago
Good job. Congrats!
almost 10 years ago
Photo 80548
Great! :-)
almost 10 years ago
Admin bear cimg7673
AnD salutes you guys!
almost 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
that rocks!! congrats!!!
almost 10 years ago
Me 6
Sweet congrat's
almost 10 years ago
Photo 214991
Great job Spencer! Congrats to you all ;)
almost 10 years ago


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