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Anniversary Available now

In conjunction with World Aids Day 2011, comes the Short film by Royston Tan on Youtube, finally released publicly. Enjoy Anniversary, a cause for Action For Aids Singapore.

Anniversary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-ttQyF4dmU

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I don't really blog anymore. Not because I am busy, or lazy. As this is an Artiste Blog, I try to refrain from blogging too much about my personal life most of the time, unless its interesting to share about. Since my departure from Singapore exactly a month ago, life's been boring. Its a very nostalgic feeling as I've been through this at the exact same period 7 years ago.After the album launch, some publicity had been made. And I've managed to have my own album promotion at Johor Bahru Malaysia as well. The post album launch period was f...Read more

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Thoughts on album

Its been 10 days, I'm officially a Recording Artiste. There had been a clash of events on 27th August with the Singapore Presidential Election, but I still managed to achieve over 100 attendees to come for my Album Launch. I can't be more blessed than this. My album was launched in K-Union, a brand new event location at Kbox Cineleisure lvl 8. Everything went pretty smoothly though I had been nervous 12 hours before the kickstart of the event, and at least for the first 15 minutes of it. I thought I screwed up two songs! Whats been ...Read more

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Don't Forget

I can't wait. I don't know what else can I say apart from the previous few blogs. I'm so nervous, excited, anxious, looking forward, unprepared, prepared, various mixed feelings. Sorry for the short blog. See you on Saturday.

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蚊子咬咬 MV 製作花絮

As promised! Look forward to it my friends! I myself am extremely entertained by myself. You will love it!

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Beware the Mozzie

If you know me long enough, you'll know of the song Mosquito Bites 蚊子咬咬. Penned and sung by yours truly finally in this EP Album. The last time this song was seen was 3 years ago! And it was written like.. 4 years ago?

I don't call myself a songwriter because that's the only song I'd ever dare to let people hear it. Its pretty much a tasteless song considering the simplicity of the lyrics and melody. The reason why it was written was simply because I was forced to. I remembered during my time under training with Roy ...Read more

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Why the title 算了,够了? In English it means 'Forget it, Enough'.

I didn't mean anything negative actually. Of course, I had been facing persuasions from my friends and family in Hong Kong for years. Everyone is asking me to head back. It simply literally means that.  I had enough of swaying my thoughts. I know I want to go home but I simply couldn't let go of Singapore. So at this point, I decided its enough. Forget everything I built here. Its Asia I should be looking at, not solely Singapore.

I hasn't been a ...Read more

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Some people may ask me, Why release an EP now? In Singapore? But you are leaving right after to HongKong! Why not release it in HongKong?

Well, I guess its my attachment to this country Singapore. I grew up here. I spent most of my life here and this is where I started off. I'd like to give thanks to all the people who supported me in the industry here by doing something before I leave, and of course all are invited to come and get a free copy on the 27th August. Thats the most I can do. And in another angle, I'm also giving thanks t...Read more

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EP Press Release

The wait is now over. After months of in-activeness, I'm ready to announce that I'm releasing my First personal EP Album in Singapore before returning to stay in Hong Kong.

Date: 27th August 2011

Time: 2pm-4pm

Location: K-Union, K-box at Cineleisure, Singapore

I will be slowly sharing with you more about the songs and purposes of the album. So stay tuned!

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September 2011

I'll admit. I hasn't been focus. I hasn't been disciplined. I hasn't been knowing of what I want for myself. I'm lost.

September 2004. My family had to move back to HongKong due to unforeseen circumstances and I had to leave my friends and everything I had behind in Singapore to start afresh. I was equally lost. Still a young teenager then, I decided to make my way back to Singapore, alone, to serve the country and to reunite with my friends. To find a purpose in life back then. I done it, and moved back and stayed ...Read more

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