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Anniversary Available now

In conjunction with World Aids Day 2011, comes the Short film by Royston Tan on Youtube, finally released publicly. Enjoy Anniversary, a cause for Action For Aids Singapore.


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I don't really blog anymore. Not because I am busy, or lazy. As this is an Artiste Blog, I try to refrain from blogging too much about my personal life most of the time, unless its interesting to share about. Since my departure from Singapore exactly a month ago, life's been boring. Its a very nostalgic feeling as I've been through this at the exact same period 7 years ago.After the album launch, some publicity had been made. And I've managed to have my own album promotion at Johor Bahru Malaysia as well. The post album launch period was full of meeting ups with friends and stuffs. Damn. I'm missing Singapore.Anyway, I spent about 2 weeks to settle downs in Hong Kong fixing up my own room into the way I wanted it, met up with some friends here, and started following my dad around. I'm trying to pick up some business skills by observing how he talk to business partners at meetings, at lunch, in private etc. I'm sure it will benefit me. Meanwhile I'm also actively looking around the Hong Kong Entertainment industry. There's sure much to see! I feel so small suddenly that I'm actually from a small little Island off South East Asia. Hong Kong is just.. Big and different. Not to forget there's mainland China, where I will spend occasional weekends with my Grandmother and relatives with.Life's never been so quiet and calm. Life's never been filled with so much order. Life's never been about staying with dad. I've never really grown up with my dad around me. Unlike my sister, my childhood was spent in Singapore with my mum, my sister, and two cousins while my dad is always flying around. I decided to stay put in Singapore alone when dad decided to move the whole family back to Hong Kong 7 years ago. So apart from childhood, I've never really lived with my dad except on short terms. I'm still not very used to it. The kind of law at home where he enforces. Sleeping early, waking up early, having breakfast every morning, coming home for dinner, cleaning the house regularly, cleaning the dishes after dinner. I never done all these when I'm staying alone in Singapore. I eat out everyday for goodness sake. Nevertheless, I know it is for my own good and I'm slowly learning to get used to it.All in all, I'm good here in Hong Kong and much apologies for the delayed blog post. I appreciate all my friends in Singapore for your good wishes. And yes, the very much delayed, Hello Hong Kong!

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Thoughts on album

Its been 10 days, I'm officially a Recording Artiste. There had been a clash of events on 27th August with the Singapore Presidential Election, but I still managed to achieve over 100 attendees to come for my Album Launch. I can't be more blessed than this. My album was launched in K-Union, a brand new event location at Kbox Cineleisure lvl 8. Everything went pretty smoothly though I had been nervous 12 hours before the kickstart of the event, and at least for the first 15 minutes of it. I thought I screwed up two songs! Whats been going through my head all along was this:

Starting from a simple 3-person-drinking session, this project had been growing and becoming more and more possible, till the arrival of this day. the day where I realized my dream by myself. The saying is true. You gotta chase your dream yourself, not seat around and wait for things to happen.

I worked hard to make it happen. The 3 months of zero-income hectic schedule was worth it. Jae, your own album. Is here.

I'm grateful to see so much supporters. Be them family and friends, or my long term supporters, or people whom I've never met in my life. Especially the latter, I'm so glad to see that there are actually supporters who are willing to come down to show support to someone they don't even know. More pictures available at the picture folder above :)

The autograph session was great. I may feel very tired over that but the satisfaction was there. For those who had left earlier, actually I gave an encore song just before we wrap up and leave.

Video: those who knows Japanese, please don't laugh at me. I totally got the lyrics wrong. And for those who don't know, please ignore the above sentence :) Thanks again to my sister Jessica for doing on-the-spot-unrehearsed backing vocal!

Too many thanks to give. I may be the entire project's organiser myself, but there are things that I simply can't accomplish on my own.

My Music production team Eddie, Norris, Neil, Kevin, and not forgetting my teacher Fei Hui Lao Shi.

My Music Video production team Cherlyn, Eugene, Mavis, Andy, Andrew, Jason, Paloma.

My EP Launch behind the scenes Victor, Pamela, Lora, Winnie, Haiwen, Steven, Xavien, Evangeline.

My artiste management and recording company William, Mr Osman, Joseph, Irene, Serena.

My sponsors SaraShantelle, Haru, KBox and Alivenotdead.

And of course, special thanks goes to Mio, Leo, Wenjun, Edric, Francis, my family and F4 Family. I will be at Johor Bahru KSL City this Sunday 11th September 8pm for my album promotion. If you are there, come by and show some support! Thanks!

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Don't Forget

I can't wait. I don't know what else can I say apart from the previous few blogs. I'm so nervous, excited, anxious, looking forward, unprepared, prepared, various mixed feelings. Sorry for the short blog. See you on Saturday.

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蚊子咬咬 MV 製作花絮

As promised! Look forward to it my friends! I myself am extremely entertained by myself. You will love it!

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Beware the Mozzie

If you know me long enough, you'll know of the song Mosquito Bites 蚊子咬咬. Penned and sung by yours truly finally in this EP Album. The last time this song was seen was 3 years ago! And it was written like.. 4 years ago?

I don't call myself a songwriter because that's the only song I'd ever dare to let people hear it. Its pretty much a tasteless song considering the simplicity of the lyrics and melody. The reason why it was written was simply because I was forced to. I remembered during my time under training with Roy Li Feihui Laoshi, we were forced to write a song monthly and present it in class. Mosquito Bites was my 3rd month homework. I was still in the army at that time and totally ran out of ideas. I grabbed a guitar and was jamming to 'You're unbelievable' by EMF when I was attacked by a mosquito. It was a hot afternoon with no trainings for the day. Everyone was slacking off in the bunk (hostel room for army boys). The lyrics came out easily with the aid of my man Thomas Su. A year later came a local programme meant to promote Singapore Music titled 'SPOP Hurray' which comes with a Song-writing competition. Feihui Laoshi aided a few of us with completing a demo arrangement and went on for submission. Out came the demo and into the Finals I went. The TV Station rearranged my song for the Show though but I still liked the Demo version Feihui laoshi and I arranged together.

There had been a misunderstanding all along for most of my friends. What you find on the top right hand corner of this page, where the media box is, are the two different versions (demo version and TV station mixed version) of 蚊子咬咬. The misunderstanding was the (sung by Jae Leung) part. None of them are sung by me. Instead, the TV Station mix was sung by my two senior Jeremy Kwan and Jeff Teay while the demo was sung by Jeff alone. I just didn't bother to change it. I sung once at HMV@313Somerset Launch though.

I really looked funny and cheesy back then. Here's the video of me on the competition!

Video: hope with the official release of 蚊子咬咬, we can ease the pain of the dengue arc around the world and help create awareness XD

And of course, I'm pleased to have this song, back at the arrangement done by Feihui Laoshi and I, in my EP Album. An MV is shot for it as well. Next blog, behind the scenes of 蚊子咬咬 MV revealed. Stay tuned!

An old picture during the Spop Era.

(P.S Anybody knows whats the English/Mandarin word for '蚊懒‘?)

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Why the title 算了,够了? In English it means 'Forget it, Enough'.

I didn't mean anything negative actually. Of course, I had been facing persuasions from my friends and family in Hong Kong for years. Everyone is asking me to head back. It simply literally means that.  I had enough of swaying my thoughts. I know I want to go home but I simply couldn't let go of Singapore. So at this point, I decided its enough. Forget everything I built here. Its Asia I should be looking at, not solely Singapore.

I hasn't been a very happy person lately. This is something more personal and I can't share it here. But what I can share is personal friends and brotherhood had swayed apart over the years as we grow up. We shared same ideals and made a powerful combination during school days (and post school days). In 2004, much tears were shed for me and by me when I left. I came back in 6 months (LOL). It hasn't been a fun process to go through that again. Now that everyone of us had our own lives, I think its enough of the 'I will miss you' crap. We are adults now and frankly speaking, we learnt that true friends need not to be hanging out together all the time. What is important is in here thumps my chest At the end of the day, whatever happens in our own individual lives, whatever affecting factor there are, there isn't a thing that would change our heart and the brotherhood formed. I been through that. I've done crazy shits unto my comrades, not exactly expecting forgiveness, but I got. I love you my brothers. This, will not be forgotten for the rest of my life.

Anyway I'm off-track with the title. Yes I am frustrated with a lot of things in life. Who isn't? People at my age are either getting frustrated over not getting a job after obtaining a degree. Some struggling in life with their offspring. Some excelled in their own field but are pressured by family to get married. Some simply has no idea what to do about their life and let days pass by. This song is actually dedicated to the Generation Y.

Life's strangling you everyday. Life's shouting into your ears. Life's crying. Life's making you unhappy. Life's pressurizing you. Life's throwing tantrum at you. Life needs you to please them. Life's driving you crazy.

This is a complain song. Hope you will enjoy it.

Actually, some close friends who heard it told me its kinda like a continuation to 蚊子咬咬 (mosquito Bite). Something about had enough of trying to get that mozzie, giving up on killing it and just let it bite whatever. I liked that idea. Maybe I can say at during press conference!

Speaking of 蚊子咬咬, the recording of both mandarin songs are done as of today. Turned out good! I can't wait to hear the final product. I'd like to specially thank Neil and Kevin of MB Studio for the kindness and the fantastic job. Looking forward!

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Some people may ask me, Why release an EP now? In Singapore? But you are leaving right after to HongKong! Why not release it in HongKong?

Well, I guess its my attachment to this country Singapore. I grew up here. I spent most of my life here and this is where I started off. I'd like to give thanks to all the people who supported me in the industry here by doing something before I leave, and of course all are invited to come and get a free copy on the 27th August. Thats the most I can do. And in another angle, I'm also giving thanks to those who had ever said 'Jae wouldn't make it'. I thank them because without these people, I wouldn't have the energy to push ahead, to prove them wrong.

Of course, I'd like to bring this album back to HongKong as my own form of memory for Singapore. 7 years ago I had a departure from the Lion City. It was also in August. I cried and cried as I missed my friends and comrades-in-arms. I sort of regretted it and I ended up coming back here six months later to serve the army. I wouldn't want any of those regrets anymore. A good memory should be left the way it is, and having something physical now is the perfect goodbye.

My friends in Singapore, don't worry. We are all cosmopolitans in this new age. Who says I'm not ever stepping into Singapore ever again? I'm just moving house! I can always come back for holiday!

Let me get this straight. I'm temporary moving over to business for the next few years. Opportunity comes, I'll take them if my schedule permits. I'm not retiring from entertainment line. Its just a little break. And some time for me to do about my life as well. I missed my family. My lil sister misses me and wants her brother at home to share woes. My mother is lonely and needs someone to go facial and shopping with. My father. Wow. I can't calculate how much I owned him. I want to do something for him. Its not like he's not proud of what I'm doing. He comes for my shows. He flies in to Singapore just to catch them. But he is getting old. And tired. I want to spend time with him. I can't be selfishly chasing cars out there all the time. Everytime I visit HongKong, and just before I board my returning flight to Singapore, I think about staying at home. A home where I have my own dining table, a home where I can do whatever I want, a home where I have my own personal seat on the sofa in the living room for TV. I can't wait for the moment my flight touches down HongKong.

My producer Eddie Chow had made this story into a song, which is the third song in my EP. I'm sure you'll love it.

Recordings had started. Stay tuned for the next few posts as I'll tell you more about the other two songs, 蚊子咬咬 and 算了,够了.

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EP Press Release

The wait is now over. After months of in-activeness, I'm ready to announce that I'm releasing my First personal EP Album in Singapore before returning to stay in Hong Kong.

Date: 27th August 2011

Time: 2pm-4pm

Location: K-Union, K-box at Cineleisure, Singapore

I will be slowly sharing with you more about the songs and purposes of the album. So stay tuned!

You may also RSVP here

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September 2011

I'll admit. I hasn't been focus. I hasn't been disciplined. I hasn't been knowing of what I want for myself. I'm lost.

September 2004. My family had to move back to HongKong due to unforeseen circumstances and I had to leave my friends and everything I had behind in Singapore to start afresh. I was equally lost. Still a young teenager then, I decided to make my way back to Singapore, alone, to serve the country and to reunite with my friends. To find a purpose in life back then. I done it, and moved back and stayed here for the next 6 years. Achieving alot. Lost alot. Been through alot.

Life without family support is all about independence. It is cool to have the freedom, but you have to get matured. Apparently I didn't. I tried my best to excel in what I like to do. But reality kicks in and devastate your dreams.

September 2011. I will be heading back to HongKong, Permanently.

I thank everyone who had been guiding me through the hectic life of mine. I am starting on a new job. Something that I may not necessary like, but definitely good for me. Life in the showbiz is glamorous, but also challenging. I'm moving over to business. I would love to stay in the circle and do some filmings/shows/events/recordings on a part time/hobby basis. And I will still keep this blog as my personal blog.

With that said, Jae Leung, the Actor/Singer/Model, will be officially known as Jae Leung, the businessmen as of September 2011.

Friends in Singapore, I will be glad to meet up with you before that for catch ups and all.

Ok time for something less emotional. Yes! I had been so neglecting my blog since I lost the willpower to type something down. So much had happened the past 6 months. 'Where should I start? Ok forget it I'll not blog at all.' had been going through my mind over and over whenever I opened up Alivenotdead homepage.

Ok I better start up a series of updates of some highlights over the past 6 months in the next few weeks! Remember me saying there's something big coming up soon? Yes. There will be. And it will happen in Singapore just before I leave.

Updated Picture.

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