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Its been years!

I haven't been active on Alivenotdead for so long, suddenly realizing so much has changed up here! How's everyone? Are the usual members still around?
Let me have a real quick update. Ever since my last few post, which was mostly about my EP album release in Singapore back in August 2011 (seriously 5 years ago?) I had returned to Hong Kong and spent 3 years working in my dad's company. I had worked with fellow Alivenotdead artist Joe Fiorello and Angie Palmer alot on a couple projects. Our first encounter was for one2free shor...Read more

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shibazakura #芝桜

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Who's going to Taiwan on 6-9 May?

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Good times, good food, good music

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Beauty soba

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Where did all my snack go!?

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Owl Owl Owwwwl

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"Faeryville", movie I starred in is now viewable on Amazon for only 3.99USD. Take it as a movie ticket fee or whatever, watch it for me will ya? I promise you it is a movie that you won't forget. And don't forget to comment. Thank you!

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