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Flix Premiere is now monthly subscription instead of pay per movie. Subscribe to watch Love Stalk. #indiefilm https://t.co/fw9kYveVQM

The take out fork I was using for lunch didn't just break, it shattered. Managed to dig out all the pieces from the pepper sauce

@THR @lamplighterjv How the hell did New York end up with Confederate Street names in the first place?

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RT @johnlegend: One of the most transparent lies Trump told today is that he likes to wait for the facts before he makes a statement. Hahah…

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The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump.

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Today's Headline Daily, article about "The Seventh Sense" by Kellyjackie Chan. A music video I recently directly for a song from the soundtrack to "Love Stalk 愛·打卡". The MV stars Kellyjacki and Ronan Pak and tells another story within the world of the movie. Check it out when it launches next week. #lovestalk #lovestalkmovie #kellyjackie陳曉琪 #ronanpak #hongkong #hongkongmusic #cantopop #hkfilm #hongkongmovie #musicvideo #愛打卡 #lovestory

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@AgentAkki Hmm, definitely less a hit to the wallet if I can find like 4 other people to share. Pain in the neck to… https://t.co/RBhEPreasX

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RT @SenSanders: It is not asking very much to have a president who sees neo-Nazis marching and says, “This is disgusting. This is ugly and…

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@ClumsyDaydreamr I have to check it out. So many shows, so little time to binge watch lately. Haha

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RT @SenSanders: .@realDonaldTrump, you are embarrassing our country and the millions of Americans who fought and died to defeat Nazism.

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Actor, screenwriter, director from New York and now bringing my flavor to Hong Kong


Hong Kong
October 5, 2009