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Having a hard time deciding a Halloween costume this year. I've narrowed it down to these choices. Who should I be for Halloween? #halloween2017 #hongkong #dirtyharrypotter #dirtyharry #harrypotter #commando #americanhustle #christianbale #geraldway #mychemicalromance #imnotokay #imnotokayipromise #ceciliaso #pokarisweat #sweatfordream

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RT @whitebison66: I bet no o one tells Polish jokes in his presence. https://t.co/U0jB0nSDmc

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@NickNavarro87 @johncampea Looks like an album cover for a Christian Rock band

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@johncampea I don't mind the Black Panther poster, actually. Totally agree on the Justice League poster though. L… https://t.co/RmSkFqvIJh

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My son found this Batman mask at home. Now he makes me wear it at the table during meals.

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I got my copy of Sundown by Project Soda. Always good to support my homies. @hyperobot #projectsoda #sundown #acidchicken #hongkongmusic

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Posters promoting "The Seventh Sense" music video spotted in Mongkok. https://t.co/cmJON3vnrY

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The weekend is here! It's time to Google Play and chill. Watch "Love Stalk 愛·打卡" on #googleplay in Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Find it in the New Releases right by "Beauty and the Beast" and "Life". #hongkongfilm #hongkongmovie #lovestalkmovie

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Spotted in Yau Mai Tei. Posters for "The Seventh Sense" music video by @kellyjackie . Be sure to check it out on YouTube #theseventhsense #kellyjackie #lovestalkmovie

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My friend told me he's going to Wuhan, China. So I made him this meme #wuhan #bustarhymes #woohah #memes

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Actor, screenwriter, director from New York and now bringing my flavor to Hong Kong


Hong Kong
October 5, 2009