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RT @rosemcgowan: #SableYu I send you healing energy Harvey Weinstein’s Hong Kong Associate Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Multiple Women…

I'm proud of my friend @yungyungyu (Sable) finding the courage to open up about her experience #sableyu #beylogan https://t.co/CIY7avdmij

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RT @yungyungyu: @rosemcgowan Thank you for the healing energy.

To those willing to read, here is Sable's statement in regards to that mat…

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RT @munyskine: Tjek: The Seventh Sense 第七感 - Kellyjackie 陳曉琪 Official Music Video af Joe Fiorello https://t.co/DawerQIIDK

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@rosemcgowan Thanks so much for the kind words for my friend Sable.

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Walking through Central, I saw a man and a woman walking by, seemingly to a lunch date. The woman was all dressed up in a fancy black dress and the guy was wearing a Miami Dolphin's football jersey. I thought to myself, " go get that silver lining you two. Excelsior!" #silverliningsplaybook

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RT @crazyfromkong: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Plot Prediction. https://t.co/SHPL5yOFS8 https://t.co/rPQosFs4Vz

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Wrote an article about Fire Lee’s new film “Husband Killers” on CFK Blog (www.crazyfromkong.com)

Repost @crazyfromkong (@get_repost)

・・・ Fire Lee’s new film “Husband Killers” is a retro throwback to 1990s Category III classics with 1970s-80s grindhouse cinema style posters. Article on crazyfromkong.com . . .

husbandkillers #firelee #chrissiechau #stephytang #hongkongcinema #catIII #grindhouse #grindhousecinema #exploitationcinema #hongkong #china #crazyfromkong #cfkblog #cfk

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@mmcgurgan @HongKongHermit Chips Tsao's commments on the #metoo campaign sound just like the kind of guy that would… https://t.co/jNqvBANZlo

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RT @crazyfromkong: Just as the team at Marvel was patting themselves on the backs, with the Avengers: Infinity War trailer becoming... http…

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Actor, screenwriter, director from New York and now bringing my flavor to Hong Kong


Hong Kong
October 5, 2009