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For Father’s Day, I tried practicing my combover. How did I do? J/k, I was actually trying to see if how much I looked like my son’s Father’s Day card. See the resemblance? Haha. Hope everyone had a Happy Father’s Day. . . .

fathersday #actorslife #dadsofinstagram

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My son took a picture of me at the computer looking at synthesizer tutorials. I got a piece of music machinery from a friend and working on learning how to use it. We’ll see how long it takes me to make my own music from it.

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Cartoons had me growing up thinking that telling the waiter that "I have a fly in my soup" would be a more regular concern than it has been. Today I had to tell my waiter I had a fly in my water.

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Love Stalk now streaming on Chopso. #Repost @chopsotv with @get_repost ・・・ How much stalking is too much? Watch #lovestalk on #chopso !! . . . . . .

chopsotv #asianrepresentation #asianamericanfilm #asianamerican #lovestalkmovie #swiperight #onlinedating #asianfilm #indiefilm #dating #stalking #facebookstalking @joeblackshadow @ronanpak @bethislight

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Ah, Lucky Charms, how I missed thee. Snapped these up on my last U.S. trip.

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I really really really wanted this movie to be great. It was OK. Just OK.

solo #soloastarwarsstory #starwars

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When it’s early morning, but that hotel mirror is lighting you up like an actor’s headshot. #actorslife #headshots

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Got pounced on by both my kids at the same time.


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Can't win with this cat #catmeme

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Exporting footage while contemplating life. . . .

filmmaker #filmmakerslife

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