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My movie Love Stalk 愛‧打卡 is now available to watch on Flix Premiere in the U.S. If you're looking for a nice... https://t.co/kRCM4RipEg

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This pic popped up on my Facebook feed. 5 years ago we shots scenes for a little zombie film project. Unfortunately, a bit of burglary put a halt to the project. Would be great to do a zombie film again one day. That's me in the middle, looking like a modern day Indiana Jones. Haha #zombiemovie #hongkongfilm

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On.cc did a story recently on my movie LOVE STALK after our Hong Kong premiere screening.
http://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/entertainment/20161125/bkn-20161125041135927-1125_00862_001.html It's all in Chinese, but the Google Translate version made for an interesting read. (hee)

Either way, there's a nice pic of me with the main cast from behind the scenes. Always nice to make the paper. (happy)

Google Translate version: (...Read more

RT @whitebison66: Be this guy. https://t.co/kZ8J9GSdJM

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Come on people, show some respect to our Pres elect. Stop spreading this pic to every one of your social media acco… https://t.co/xsEnymW8Qf

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Quote of the Day: "Large cock, three beers" - Dutch Proverb

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On.cc recently did a story on Love Stalk 愛‧打卡 with some behind the scenes pics from the nightclub scene. It's... https://t.co/a8sR7l9Zdn

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RT @whitebison66: Overnight, Winter shows up like a jilted lap dancer and chases Summer out of town. I love Hong Kong.

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