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Joe Fiorello

Pretty horrified by the death of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. My heart goes out to their families. I also worry of copycats and a new trend

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@jenthym @kultleader @imSarahLian @ActionOnFilm good stuff!

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RT @BruceHumble: She also has a point RT @musicnewsshade: Azealia has no chill 💀

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Seeing a trailer to a new movie called "Assassination". It looks like "Lust, Caution" without the lust... nor the caution. Haha

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@hkfilmnet there was always a couple of things about the Karate Kid that never quite sat right with me. Now it all makes sense.

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New CFK episode with me and Spencer. We try Kimchi flavor Ramune soda

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Came out to check out @ronanpak 's show today. Add oil!

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Came out to check out ronanpak 's show today. Add oil!

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sit in #protest at IFC Mall. A real estate developer that is kicking them off their land. #realestate #hongkong

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