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@VWC_Writes ah that's true. Slang in London is probably pretty different. I only get sporadic tastes from British friends here in HK :)

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@VWC_Writes @migmeHQ I hear that. Ever since my baby, living large has been a very occasional luxury. Haha

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Great performance by Alphina Wu last Friday. Congrats also to Thera and Roy on writing & directing. #hongkongtheatre https://t.co/y12WTLL7KQ

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"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields..." #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes

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@VWC_Writes @migmeHQ are you on Migme too? Trying to see if anyone I know on it. Seems to be big in only a few countries.

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@VWC_Writes @migmeHQ yup! I used to go practically every week. Haven't done a true karaoke night in a long while though. :)

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Check out this post on mig! via @migmehq https://t.co/owCvJTKaUo via @migmehq

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@mmcgurgan @WildThymeHK Tarek is great. Highly recommend his place!

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In Causeway Bay, I saw this Ukrainian musician playing The Hang (that's the upside down steel… https://t.co/c2ZNho8cMJ

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I Need You 唔諗你 - Roy Chow 周永恆 & K-CHEK 曲赤 - Music Video Teaser: https://t.co/lmICCnNazT via @YouTube

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Actor, screenwriter, director from New York and now bringing my flavor to Hong Kong

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