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I finally bit the bullet and picked up one of these machines. Distraction free writing at dirt cheap price, or so I’m lead to believe. . We’ll see how it goes with this Neo2 word processor. I will say, it’s bigger than I thought, full keyboard size. Will be better than hauling around a laptop to the coffee shop though, that’s for sure. . . .

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I got my wife a beret for Christmas. She wasn’t really digging the way it looked on her. I told her she wasn’t wearing it right and tried to model the right way to wear it, like the models in the store pictures. As I’m putting it on, I realize, “hey, I could rock this look.” So what do you think? Is it me or what? . . .

actorslife #frenchberet #christmasgift #spacechef

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Are you ready for the Endgame? Who else was super pumped to see the Avengers trailer? .

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Chicken and waffles on a Sunday. That’s what I’m talking about. .

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We had a set of Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases, but the dryer decided to eat the Mr. pillowcase. .

marriedlife #actorslife

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Behold my DIY skills! The curtain in my bedroom fell off the rail and broke. It was a cheap curtain already. I had to come up with a quick replacement. Here is what I made. . Two pieces of crumpled packing paper, taped together with masking tape and then masking taped to the window sill. You too can make a makeshift curtain for your house, using these directions. ? . . .

diy #homerepair

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Still getting used to small town life in New York... where front page news is how the local nursing homes rated. . . .

smalltownlife #breakingnews #extraextrareadallaboutit

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This is what it looks like when you completely overestimate the amount of kids that will go all the way to the last house on the block to trick or treat. We’re stuck with a baby carriage of candy. Haha . . .

halloweencandy #leftovercandy #trickortreat

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To defend the world from devastation! To unite all peoples within our nation!... Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! Happy Halloween everyone! . . .

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Costume not complete. Can you guess who I’m gonna be for Halloween?

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