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Joe Fiorello

'Pepsi Pink Cola'... New CFK episode is up!

crazyfromkong #pepsipink

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'Pepsi Pink Cola'... New #CFK episode is up #crazyfromkong #pepsipink

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Had a fun shoot at the studio today 󾌸

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Just watched 'Birdman'. Sheer brilliance! Not just the best movie of this year, it raises the bar for all movies not yet made #BirdmanMovie

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Tickets to the World Premiere of 'Jasmine' just went on sale. It's screening as part of the Hong Kong...

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Chappie... It's basically "Short Circuit" but with that weird South African rap group that everyone thought was a fake spoof band.

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I'm so confused about the Nicki Minaj-Christiana Milian thing. Are they arguing or not arguing? I can't tell.

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Holy shit! Just found out Dakota Johnson is the spawn of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.

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Joe Fiorello

Actor , Director , Screenwriter


Actor, screenwriter, director from New York and now bringing my flavor to Hong Kong :) ...Read more

Hometown New York City & Long Island, NY
Location Hong Kong
English Name Joe Fiorello
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