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Disc Plus at IFC in Central is carrying Love Stalk 愛·打卡. If you're passing through IFC mall, before you go to Crystal Jade for dim sum, pick up yourself a copy of Love Stalk!

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・・・ [NeoFilmShop.com] Love Stalk (2016) - Hong Kong

This is a rare crowd funding success story where the film was mostly funded via crowd funding platforms and dedications of its cast and crew. Director Joe Fiorello created a new looking glossy film against the odds of a limited budget and that's alone admirable in itself. Starring Angie Palmer (also producer) as the Singaporean young executive expiating in the hustle and bustle city of Hong Kong, she manages to show enough raw shyness alongside Ronan Pak. Pak is...Read more

I went to HMV in Central and I found a copy of Love Stalk on the shelves! Run her e and pick up this copy before it's gone! If it's gone, ask them to order more copies. Please help me get the word out. I think you're gonna have a fun time watching this movie. Watch it over popcorn, watch it while having sex, just make sure to pick up a copy. Help me make more Hong Kong films.#hongkongfilm #hkfilm #hmv #indiefilm #lovestalkmovie #hkactor #hkactress #hongkongmovie #newrelease #hongkong #gwailo #dadalo #angiep #ronanpak #chinesemovie


Top of the New Release section. Deltamac's eShop. Pick up your copy of Love Stalk on DVD! #lovestalk… https://t.co/zq2fuQx5UG

Love Stalk 愛·打卡 is available on DVD in Hong Kong! Check out your local video store or online shop and pick up a copy. #lovestalk #lovestalkmovie #anjofilms #hongkongfilm #hkfilm #chinesemovie #romantic #thriller #indiefilm #hkactress #hkactor #onlinestalking #onlinedating

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At long last! My feature film Love Stalk has been released on DVD in Hong Kong and Macau! It's also available to be ordered internationally on some online video shops. If you get a chance, please do pick up a copy and help support independent cinema! It's fun movie with a story that everyone can relate to these days. :)

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/8A23RBfeMY

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October 5, 2009