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Full vid on the AnD YouTube page. I hate these types of things. But couldn't resist paying it forward against @jesscambensy , @wulander & @waveyaari + @waveyamiu ! A pox on @hypercasey for starting this. Btw - I donated to the #michaeljfox foundation for #parkinsons. It's not #ALS but I care about it. #alivenotdead @alivenotdead

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RT @alivenotdead: AnD CEO takes the #IceBucketChallenge @wulander @JessCambensy @waveya2011 @hypercasey

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I did 27km even without that guy yelling at me with the megaphone. #nikeplus #nikeplusforbikes #hkbiking #maonshan

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Food, folks & fun! 🍗🍗🍻🍟😄 謝謝朋友們跟我一起celebrate公司的好消息! @straightblast5 @hongkonghustle @andyonimal @jesscambensy @daphinator @alivenotdead #alivenotdead #migme

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The coke can knows all! #女皇 @jesscambensy #coke #cocacola #haveacokeandasmile #idliketobuytheworldacoke

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Look in' sharp! #nicholastse #謝霆鋒 #cityofdreams #sohomacau #macao #macau #蘇濠 @alivenotdead @pacoxchan @lllmklll

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US Movie Review: "Magic in the Moonlight" (2014)

Just got out of the screening for the opening film for the Summer HKIFF, Woody Allen's latest "Magic in the Moonlight".

I can't say I'm a big Woody Allen fan,  at least not since "Sleeper"....  and I thought "Midnight in Paris" was really overrated.    This film seems to be set in the same period as "Paris",  maybe Woody got a discount on the 1920's cars and furniture by repeating... 

This film is the story of a magician who is tasked with exposing a fake medium bilking a rich family out of their fortune by claiming to be able to speak to their dead relatives.    Colin Firth plays the skeptical magician and Emma Stone plays the cute medium who he's trying to unmask but can't. 

Being the hardnosed rationalist, a man of science and reason,  who doesn't believe in (actually knows there's no such thing as) super natural mumbo jumbo,  I liked Firth's character.   

I was hoping this movie would turn into more of an Agatha Christie style who-dunnit as he figures out how she's conning him and everyone else.   Actually he gets duped a bit too easily (should have stuck to the scientific method buddy!)  but I did enjoy the big reveal. 

For me the problem is that this, like "Midnight in Paris" has to wrap everything up in a sappy romantic happy ending bow at the end, which disappointed me.  :-/

I'll give it a 5/10.  Scenery is nice. 

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Congrats to the #migme team (the guys who acquired AnD earlier this year!) thanks again to everyone for your support over the years too! #fighting! #mig33 #alivenotdead #asx

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Not bad for an old guy who hasn't done a flying side kick in 10 years! #40isthenew20 #spiritofthedragon #brucelee #李小龍 #hkheritagemuseum #叔父さん

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Great to do another meet up with AnD artists in Singapore! Thanks for coming out guys! @alivenotdead @nicholaschee @thepapashop #alivenotdead #thepapashop #papashop #AnDSingapore

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