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the most funny thing happen since i'm in china!

one year ago, Aaron Kwok came in shanghai, i think 'cause he had a concert this time... i don't really remember.

i was at home when B-kut call me and say "My friend need two bodyguard"

i thought he was joking at me... cause... look at me, how can i be a bodyguard?? And for who?

he answer that its for someone very famous.

so i say ok why not it will be funny play a thiny bodyguard.... when i ask "when?" he say in 1 hour....

thanks my friend...

so i ran to his home and we went together in the hotel where we should meet the guy want us(seems he is from HK )...

he ask us if we have walkie talkie or something like that, i prefer dont answer him of course... so anyway we go the hotel room for wear a black suit, i love black suit!!!!!!!

and lets go to PuDong airport (Shanghai).

when we arrive we saw a bunch of fans and i saw the chacrete name in chinese "郭富城", i say no way... we going to protect him? O_O

i go ask the girl suppose to be there for guide us, and she confirm, its Aaron Kwok... i was laughing so much that B-kut tell me to stop... it wasnt easy for me to stop ahahahah...

and Aaron Kwok came and we protected him with the help of the airport policemans until the parking.

it was very funny experience to do something , its not really your profession, if they ask me to do it again, i will say "OOH HELL YES!!!"

Yes look my headset... -_-

you can see behind me, B-kut ahaha

the funny thing, i found this picture in an article who dont talk about him... but about the 老国bodyguards!! it was funny they talk about us! i must find this article again cause i lost it!

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haha ... u are the bodyguard ?
almost 15 years ago
Photo 49112
Wudi: Yes loll
almost 15 years ago
Photo 80548
You look like a body guard very much! cool!!
almost 15 years ago
Photo 38281
AHAHAHA man thats dope! you stole the spotlight from Aron Kwok! but man you look good as a bodyguard! would be a movie roll to fit you well =]
almost 15 years ago
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do thy bring black suits with them everywhere they go for his rent-a-bodyguards?
almost 15 years ago
Photo 49112
@Etchy: these poeple who hired us, bought the (cheap and poor quality) black suit the same day when he came
almost 15 years ago


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