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hello AND..its been awhile

took a year long hiatus from AND...time flies...hope i didn't miss much

im usually mirco blogging now

check me out at!



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sudden scholastix screenshots...

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dream chaser...risk taker...

"Dream chaser, risk taker No favor, though haters They might want me to drown Holdin' me down But the throne and the crown Is all I ever wanted, all I ever needed If I'm the only one and don't nobody else believe it Then keep it a secret and watch me achieve it 'Cause I know what I want now So if you want the money If you gotta make If you the only one and don t nobody el...Read more

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Stanley's Smart Spot...

Hien at www.smartshanghai.com was cool enough to put me on in one of their weekly columns.

Reads as sort of a pre weekend cap up. Fabricated some facts but it was all in good fun...enjoy fellas.

http://www.smartshanghai.c...Read more

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i went...

but now i'm back

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my karmic updates...

it's as if i've never left...some things never change...

it's been a month since i've been back home...

trying to secure the main above the line crew...networking...and basically just getting the word out on the streets....

i've met alot of cool and supportive people in B.C's film industry which is comforting since i've been away for so long...it's definitely propelled my relentless obsession onto the next level...

i've gotten an overwhelming response just off the pure s...Read more

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"Karma" the movie. Calling All Film Heads!!

"Karma" the movie.

Now that everythings been said and done i've finally decided to take the plunge...5 years in the making...it's been long overdue but my time is now...i'm off to make a movie!!!The film is called "Karma". It's loosely inspired by real life events which revolves around the thriving billion dollar illegal Marijuana industry in British Columbia. Stemming from this sub-culture there are over 130 different criminal organizations operating in drugs,...Read more

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so it's official...

let it be known...

i'm officially leaving the motherland...

the time i've been in SH has been amazing...got some great gigs...met a bunch of lifers...and fucked up my liver a great deal... as my boy mikey would say "good times buddy....good times!!!"

but all in all...it was a great 4 year run...i'm more than ready for the next phase in my journey..

my true calling has finally festered to the forefront...it's been a long time coming b...Read more

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ah...can i say...GNARLY!

can't believe i've been in the dark this whole time about this particular humanoid... Alex Grey's a**spiritual / new age / philosophical artist who is unquestionably livin' on a different plaine.....did some research on his art and damn it! i'm officially a fan...

it makes me wanna detach myself from the physical world and drift forever within my subconscious....or a huge dose of DMT would suffice....

yyyuuppp..."DMT" peoples...look it up...it's jabberwocky! haha! anyways check this d...Read more

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before it all...

before the recurring detentions...and the academic failures...before the discovery of sex...and the complexity that it embraces...before the arduous struggles within...and the battles with addiction...before the daily stresses of life...and the constant pressures to succeed...before the lies, deception, deceit, love, loss, pains, hopes, triumphs and  failures....before the harsh realities of life...and the lost of innocence...

before it all...there was musical chairs...

[Read more

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