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hello AND..its been awhile

took a year long hiatus from AND...time flies...hope i didn't miss much

im usually mirco blogging now

check me out at!

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sudden scholastix screenshots...

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dream chaser...risk taker...

"Dream chaser, risk taker No favor, though haters They might want me to drown Holdin' me down But the throne and the crown Is all I ever wanted, all I ever needed If I'm the only one and don't nobody else believe it Then keep it a secret and watch me achieve it 'Cause I know what I want now So if you want the money If you gotta make If you the only one and don t nobody else believe it Then tell em to beat it And watch you achieve it Sing it if you want it...."

Successful - Drake

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Stanley's Smart Spot...

Hien at was cool enough to put me on in one of their weekly columns.

Reads as sort of a pre weekend cap up. Fabricated some facts but it was all in good fun...enjoy fellas.

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i went...

but now i'm back

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my karmic updates...

it's as if i've never left...some things never change...

it's been a month since i've been back home...

trying to secure the main above the line crew...networking...and basically just getting the word out on the streets....

i've met alot of cool and supportive people in B.C's film industry which is comforting since i've been away for so's definitely propelled my relentless obsession onto the next level...

i've gotten an overwhelming response just off the pure subject matter of the film...

there's been numerous emails of just plain verbal support and encouragement from the habitants of the city...unfortunately there's been countless families whose lives have been indirectly damaged by this lucrative trade...on the flip spectrum i've also gotten some negative emails questioning the mainstream glorification of this movie..

my response to that is...

in order to strike a chord with today's's imperative to encompass all the mainstrem elements...the story will speak for itself but to actually get these minds to commit and accept to a mental dosage of reality is another i feel keepin' real also means being keepin ' it intelligent...there's a bigger picture here...and that all begins once the combination of visuals and imagery are unleashed simultaneously...there is no other way achieve mass re-conditioning that envision...

another drug related homicide happened yesterday...

Richmond homicide victim the fourth woman killed this year in targeted hit

METRO VANCOUVER -- For the fourth time this year, a woman with criminal links has been shot to death in an apparent targeted hit.

The latest victim, an Asian woman in her 30s, was found slumped in a dark grey newer model Mercedes sedan behind a deserted industrial complex in north Richmond early Wednesday.

Cpl. Dale Carr, of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, said police were called to the three-building complex in the 2500-block of Shell Road about 4:20 a.m. by someone who saw the woman in distress.

"Upon arrival of B.C. Ambulance Service and ourselves, a deceased female was found in a vehicle, a Mercedes, in the driver's seat suffering from an apparent fatal gunshot-related injury," Carr said.

"Richmond RCMP knows who this individual is. She is known to police here in this region for her criminality."

He said investigators still need to confirm her identification before releasing her name.

The woman’s body remained in the dark grey sedan with a Richmond dealership sticker on the back for hours after police arrived.

Investigators draped yellow and white tarps over the car to shield the body from media and observers in a neighbouring building.

Carr could not say if the victim was associated to the new complex of offices and commercial units, many of which still have “for lease” signs in the window.

Her car was neatly parked in a stall for unit 3028 which is in the middle building sandwiched between two others on its east and west sides.

Carr said in his 22 years of policing he has never seen as many targeted shootings of women as there have been in 2009.

On Feb. 2, Brianna Kinnear was gunned down in a pick-up borrowed from a friend in Port Coquitlam. She was a young drug dealer.

And on Feb 16, Nikki Alemy was sprayed with gunfire as she drove through Surrey with her four-year old son in the back. The child was uninjured. Alemy's husband Koshan has links to the United Nations gang.

And on March 14, Laura Lamoureux, 36, was found shot to death on a Langley roadside. She was involved in the street-level drug trade.

No one has been charged in any of the slayings. And Carr said there are no suspects in the latest homicide – the 33rd murder of the year in the Lower Mainland.

“Certainly in the two and half years since I’ve been with the integrated homicide team, I’ve never seen it,” Carr said of the female homicides. “In the 22 years that I’ve been in policing, I am not familiar with this sort of trend if you want to call it a trend.”

He said the fact that women are now being gunned down shows the reality of the criminal world today where no one is safe and gender makes no difference.

“Let’s hope it is not a trend,” he said.

Carr said forensic investigators were poring over the crime scene, which was expected to remain behind yellow police tape until early Thursday.

Police planned to canvas the area throughout the day and evening. And officers were attempting to seize any video that may have captured the killing or suspects, Carr said.

He could not say if the victim was a member of a crime group or gang.

“We are obviously going to be doing a complete and thorough background check on the female to see who she is and what sort of individual she was and what connections she had,” he said. “Whether she is linked to a crime group is something that we are going to be trying to filter down and get to today. That would be an important component of our investigation and very important for us to identify that so we know what target group to go for.”

An abandoned black four-door truck could be seen near the woman’s car, all doors open.

Carr said the truck belonged to an “individual that we are taking to the office that may be able to offer some information to us.”

He said the person was not a suspect, but was asked to leave their truck by police so as not to disturb the crime scene.

“I know they were asked to leave the truck where it was and come with us and they came voluntarily to the office,” he said. “I don’t believe the person is a suspect at this point.”

He would not describe the victim’s criminal history in greater detail.

The industrial complex, which is north of Bridgeport Road, is remote from residential areas and businesses that would be open throughout the night.

“Just about any sort of unlawful activity could be occurring here. It could be drugs, it could be gaming, it could be a chop shop for all we know,” Carr said.

Read The Real Scoop at

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"Karma" the movie. Calling All Film Heads!!

"Karma" the movie.

Now that everythings been said and done i've finally decided to take the plunge...5 years in the's been long overdue but my time is now...i'm off to make a movie!!!The film is called "Karma". It's loosely inspired by real life events which revolves around the thriving billion dollar illegal Marijuana industry in British Columbia. Stemming from this sub-culture there are over 130 different criminal organizations operating in drugs, money laundering, gun distribution and murder.

My hopes is to create an unique cautionary tale with a very deep spiritual undercurrent. On top of the natural moral dilemmas, i feel today's youth culture is in dire need of a spiritual awakening. And only through honest depiction and realist portrayals can this feat be attained. Deeper issues of desires, greed, vanity, materialism and superficiality will also be subtly addressed. ...characteristically against the grain well opting for the road less either wit it or against it...ya heeeaaarrrrdddsss!!! (hi haters...)"change is an essence of life....surrendering all that i am for who i can potentially become..." 

I'm currently calling anyone and everyone that is interested in committing to the project. Producers / D.O.P's / Actors+Actresses Since the film will be heavily influenced by the hip hop culture.  i'm also calling out all recording artists, apparel lines and any other relevant products wishing for collaboration in placements/sponsorships.

The film will be shot entirely in Vancouver, B.C and will be multilingual. ( English,Mandarin & Cantonese ) Shot in a stylized hand-held docu-drama format with emphasis on realism and pace.

please check out the promotional website for more details regarding the film @"Karma" the movieA full packaged promotional kit along with script samples is also readily available for all that is seriously interested.more promotional visuals:

I'm stoked peoples!!! This is it! My divine plan to create change in the masses.  A spiritual awakening is at stake...

Cheers and much blessings y'all!!!

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so it's official...

let it be known...

i'm officially leaving the motherland...

the time i've been in SH has been some great gigs...met a bunch of lifers...and fucked up my liver a great deal... as my boy mikey would say "good times buddy....good times!!!"

but all in was a great 4 year run...i'm more than ready for the next phase in my journey..

my true calling has finally festered to the's been a long time coming but my time is definitely now...

stay tuned for a "reminisce" picture collage and the skinny on why i'm leaving this O.C.D of a city...

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ah...can i say...GNARLY!

can't believe i've been in the dark this whole time about this particular humanoid... Alex Grey's a**spiritual / new age / philosophical artist who is unquestionably livin' on a different plaine.....did some research on his art and damn it! i'm officially a fan...

it makes me wanna detach myself from the physical world and drift forever within my subconscious....or a huge dose of DMT would suffice....

yyyuuppp..."DMT" peoples...look it's jabberwocky! haha! anyways check this dude out...

let's try and get him an "AND" account!!**

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before it all...

before the recurring detentions...and the academic failures...before the discovery of sex...and the complexity that it embraces...before the arduous struggles within...and the battles with addiction...before the daily stresses of life...and the constant pressures to succeed...before the lies, deception, deceit, love, loss, pains, hopes, triumphs and  failures....before the harsh realities of life...and the lost of innocence...

before it all...there was musical chairs...


*my saturday morning Mcmuffin was pleasantly complemented by a timeless mickey d's ritual

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