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HK Part 2!!

I'm back!!!

now this time, I went to HK for 4 days last week!!! (it was last week?..... too lazy for check, anyway...)

I want to thank my friend's girlfriend for company, support ( ) me throughout my holiday in HK ^^

So now i can tell, I REALLY LOVE HK!!!!!!!!, it was 4 days of happiness.

for my first day, march 10th (it was last week right??) i miss my plane (yeeeaaaaaaaaah) 1 hour for wait a taxi.... no one wanna stop and i live to the opposite of PUDONG AIRPORT (like 38 km)

AAH! thanks god, taxi stop for me, i told him 我去浦东机场。。。 and let's GO!!

and at this moment... it's a drama... the big traffic i never see in my life (maybe because i was so stressed)... ok i talk to myself and say "mou men tai, you will be in the time".... 40 min.... we still in the same place... and i miss my pplane for sure...so no need be stressed now....when we arrive in pudong, the taxi driver stop me somewhere and i ask him "我们在哪里?“he told me to wait...

the guy wanted pissed... fortunately i miss my plane before... SO!

i arrived to the airport the girl change my ticket for free and for the next one.. ok so happy.

basicly, i had arrive to HK for 12.00 and it was already 17.00 :(.... SO no friend want go out just at the hotel and sleep .

March 11th

wake up early for meet my friend's girlfriend andalthough it had she had many thing to do, she stay with me (thanks Again Tina).

First thing, Eat!!!!! (for some poeple, they cant stop smoke... it's same with me but with food!!)

take a breakfast and eat outside front the central...

ah yes i forget!!!! the weather is so good in HK!!!!! where in Shanghai i catch cold everyday... HK is so warm!! LOVE IT!

So.. eat a nice breakfast and look this view!!!

just bad had the fog... you can see if you can mister calvin klein model (AAHAHAH)

after the breakfast she ask me where i want go and what i want see!

I told her "i just follow you" because i don't know nothing about HK, i hate take map, i hate take some tourist stuff, just walk its enough (you will see sometimes i take picture without see if i took it well or not)

so we take the boat for go to central (strange make me remember my first trip Zuhai-HK)

 "hi, Mister Calvin Klein!!!" (even in Shanghai we can see him)

and we take walk and make shopping!!

After she told me, two of her friends will come for eat together.

they was late but it's ok, i enjoy my day in Central , you can hit me that i will feel nothing ^^

SO, they are there so lets go eat, i was so hungry (as usual) and i was surprised when i saw a beautiful woman and she look so familiar.... and BINGO YES!! it was Charlie Yeung Choi-Nei!! with a friend in the same restanrant ^^ it was funny to see a star in HK (it will be the last for my 4 days there ><)

No guys, i didnt take picture with her... she is there for eat and talk with her friend... so... no bother the poeple's life.

after the lunch, she had something to do and she told me to wait her near time square, i just sit down there and take some picture without check the viewer....

 can't wait for this movie....

when she came back, she saw me with some adidas bag ahahahahaha

and the night she show me all hong kong island by the harbour....

so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after we decided to go back to mongkok and have dinner there and then go home... i was tired...

To be continued....

i will upload all of strange pics i took ^^

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Next time we will hang out together in HK my friend !! ;)
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