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unofficial Belgium crazy stuntman (or suicide club)

i found this video in one of my old hard disk (yes, for the moment, i miss this time with my friends  )

My friend (the guy you will see in the video) wanted i shoot a fight scene for him... and for the end, he should fall through the hole of a wall...

we try have a minimum of security (laugh), we put some matress around the hole like that he can't hurt his back ( i really laugh a lot right now!).

BUT!! we didn't  think about the floor and height between the whole and the floor... believe when you see the distance, it's look like no really high (AHAHAHAH)

After some test we shoot the last plan and.... Look the video :P (no sound because, we are supposed too mixed a new sound in....too bad you can't hear how long i stay laughing!!!!)

But RESPECT TO MY FRIEND, he still finish his scene until the end..... after where it was'nt funny it's after... he can't move... became white... and go to hospital...

diagnostic: when he falls, he cracks his neck first , then he fold into two and break his 1 rib...

really hurt...

So this is a warning... never do something like this, if you are not professional or if you don't know how to do that...

we are'nt prefessional... we was just unconscious and crazy guys... and we did it for more than 10 years... just for fun... don't try imitate any stunt you see in the movie.. if you dont know how do it....

3...2 ....1 GO

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqzxnx4Da9I

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