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my first trip in HK!!!

My first time i went to HK, it was in april 2007...

i was at Zuhai for the launch of BMW Z4, my workmate ask me if i want go with her to HK by boat...

my joy was full, it was with pleasure i said yes ... BUT!!!! the same day we have to take the fly for shanghai >_<!!!

So i was in HK just for 4 hours!!!!!

when we arrived i call a friend and so lucky i am, he was free!! let's go make some shopping in adidas store (yes i love adidas shoes) some DVD because everybody know how is very hard to find the original DVD in china... and even you found like in carrefour (french supermarket) etc.

still have just madarin, no features.... and some strange cut (S.P.L).

my bag was too smal... i had to buy an other one... great....

4 hours passed, I was to run to catch the boat... but i felt so happy.... since im kids i saw hong kong just in the movie (police story 1) and go there and see HK for real!!! it was like a dream :D:D


yep, you can see i love talk about all and nothing but i dont care ahahaha,

thank for read it ;)

to be continued....

PS: sorry no picture ...you know...in 4 hours... hum...

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