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Bye bye Shanghai

5 years now... 5 years in Shanghai with good and bad things. but most of time good things!!!!

But now, it's time to say bye bye Shanghai, tomorrow night i'm leaving for Beijing.

New life will start, wish everything will go smoothly.

For sure, i will miss my friends here,,, B-kut, Loan, Loy, Cyrille, Li-Tong, Robert, Stanley.

But, we will meet again for sure!! And you know where to go if you come to Beijing

Well... i dont know what to say... expect.. Wait and see and wish the  Beijing adventure be beautiful "que l'aventure soit belle" in french.. i dont know if the translation is good -_-...

see you in Beijing!!!


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AAAAhhh maaaaaaaannnnn !! >_< Ok ok no tears but ... well thanks for giving me the chance to come to China, thanks for all the good memories we had, thanks for being not too far away when i needed, thanks for being my friend. all the best and good luck. v_v (no tears i said hu ?...)
over 13 years ago
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@Loan: Keep your tears for tomorrow.. because i will call you.....and dont thanks me for that, Friends are here for help each others :)
over 13 years ago
欢迎来北京 ;-)
over 13 years ago
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Best of luck in your new adventures. Never got a chance to visit in Shanghai, but maybe next time I'm in Beijing I could be like "Yo wasssup!"
over 13 years ago
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Sweet! Looking forward to having you in BJ. Let me know when you get settled so we can meet up.
over 13 years ago


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