Darren E. Scott 朱国安

@MissKimH thank you

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@Vikki_Inspired of course @MaryChooE

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@Vikki_Inspired @MaryChooE

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@Vikki_Inspired and an audio podcast of her short story http://t.co/HlwiIIWvO8

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@Vikki_Inspired here's one more http://t.co/n7VGgW0eTA

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@Vikki_Inspired my mom gave me some links where you can read some of her work if you are still interested http://t.co/9Lot6IuHui pp23&123

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最近有些粉丝们要求我签名。必须甜心。#朱国安 #actorlife #hollywood #Gratitude http://t.cn/RAYPEkb


@Daredevil end of episode 4... Jesus!! Gotta love @Netflix_CA taking it up to a whole new level. #nofilter #Marvel @PeterShinkoda #Nobu

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@Vikki_Inspired here's a link to give you some ideamary of her works http://t.co/ECosDktaVQ @MaryChooE

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Had some requests for #autographs as of late. They shall be in the mail soon. #actorlife #hollywood #Gratitude

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Darren E. Scott 朱国安

Actor , MC / Show Host , Stuntperson


Follow me on twitter @DarrenEScott www.darrenescott.com Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? You build up hope but failure's all you've known Remem ...Read more

School Kwantlen Unniversity, Busines Management
Profile Views 213,548
Hometown Richmond BC, Canada
Gender Male

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