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throwbackthursday to that time on Supernatural when @kararoyster slit me throat and stole me beer. She claims being possessed but yeeeeah not so sure 😂

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@OurLadyofMXs @garfieldwilson @AnthonyKonechny No worries. Thanks for thinking of us. @AnthonyKonechny &… https://t.co/VGy4enFz77

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・・・ He was beaten. He fought back. Dan Lok tells us how he beat the bullies.

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It’s always important to #giveback to something that gave so much to you as Martial Arts did. Was a pleasure volunteering ... in what some would say a #savage kind of way at Lions MMA Vancouver ‘s #fightback event yesterday. Great job to all the participants and volunteers.

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・・・ Real scenarios and real demonstrations!! An amazing day for our FIGHT BACK SEMINAR and an AWESOME finish to the striking portion of this class. We are proud to donate A FREE MONTH UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP FOR EVERY ATTENDEE. We are CO...Read more

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Was out and about this morning and took a moment when I passed by the local legion hall as they performed their ceremony on this 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour. Some people didn’t stop to pay respects which I found disgraceful but the majority of them did .. left me some hope for humanity.

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No #tbt just a #happythursday to you all. Have a good one.

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All set and ready for this. Look forward to your talk ⁦@RZA⁩ and hope we get a chance for a quick hello. See you… https://t.co/sU12T4VRw4

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Bicep Results fueled by @got2eatmeals

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Follow me on twitter @DarrenEScott www.darrenescott.com Do you feel cold and lost in desperation? You build up hope but failure's all you've known Remem


Vancouver, Canada
January 19, 2008