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cartels aka #killingsalazar now available in North America on #bluray via @amazonvideo or… https://t.co/ZuCAXcPMkR

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Now available for rent or purchase https://store.cineplex.com/Product/cartels

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@MissKimH 😣

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RT @ArchieComics: Please give a warm #Riverdale welcome to @MELTON as he makes his debut as Reggie Mantle! And welcome back, Pussycats! h…

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Be sure to tune in tonight for the season 2 premiere of @thecwriverdale on @thecw . Sometimes these two guys @kjapa & @melton let me come hang out, dress like them and pretend that I'm still in high school. Lol jk. Was fortunate enough to double @rossbutler a couple of times last season and fortunate to be back but doubling for Charles this season. Things are about to get intense.

thecw #Riverdale #Archiecomics @netflix #teendrama @skeetme1

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@tonyjaaofficial Awesome shot. Hope you're well Jaa

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@MissKimH Happy Turkey Day Weekend to you as well

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RT @tonyjaaofficial: Its always good to rise to the occasion https://t.co/96NUh3H8E4

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flashbackfriday #fbf @menshealth_sg part deux. #centrefold spread for the same edition that I posted yesterday. One of my all time favourite shots.

menshealth #covershoot #coverboy #modellife #actorlife #magazinecovershoot #fitness #bodybuilding #shred #clubshred #eurasian #eurasianpersuasion

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@MissKimH Thank you. Nice and rainy here

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