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MISS SAIGON - Malmö Opera, Sweden

Official Scene Photography by Malin Arnesson. Sun & Moon - Philip JalmelidThe Ceremony / Dju Vui Vai - with Philip Jalmelid & female ensembleKim's Nightmare - with Philip Jalmelid & Ensemble The Telephone Song / Embassy - with Oscar Pierrou Lindén & Philip JalmelidThe Morning of the Dragon - EnsembleI Still BelieveThe American Dream - Dan Ekborg & Ensemble

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MISS SAIGON again! What the press says!

Miss Saigon opened to rave reviews at MalmöOpera in Sweden! Here is a selection:Svenska Dagbladet(Swedish Daily Newspaper)"Spectacular and nicely executed scenes. Li-Tong Hsu, who here creates her first role on a Swedish stage and impresses with her Swedish pronunciation and is touching as the young Kim."Sydsvenskan(Daily Newspaper)"Li-Tong Hsu as the innocent Kim has made a journey into the Swedish language, a journey  which you can´t but admire. She also finds touching expressions for the love and affection of Kim, both in singing and acting.Well earned ovations!"Skånska Dagbladet(regional Newspaper)"Kim is sung by Li-Tong Hsu, who makes a memorable interpretation of a fragile young woman with an enormous spiritual power. Her voice has the same power in the lower range as in the higher and lighter. Li-Tong also gives her character a depth which touches and affects you – was any eye dry in the auditorium when she sang “I'd give my life for you” to little Tam?"Kvällsposten(Evening Newspaper, Sweden)"Philip Jalmelid´sChris and Li-Tong Hsu´s Kim have so much pathos and power of living the parts and perfectly placed emotions as you possibly can squeeze out of this cavalcade of duets and tearful monologues. You can absolutely not complain about the level of intensity or musicality in the voices."Kristianstadsbladet(regional Newspaper)"The casting is 100% perfect!""The equally heartwrenching and sparkling show is vi tually flawless and every part - orchestration, scenic e nergy, visual splendor and vocal bea uty - is pi tch perfect."Sveriges Radio P2 & Sveriges Radio P4 (Swedish Radio)[if gte mso 9]> /o:OfficeDocumentSettings <![endif][if gte mso 9]> Normal/w:View 0/w:Zoom false/w:SaveIfXMLInvalid false/w:IgnoreMixedContent false/w:AlwaysShowPlaceholderText SV/w:LidThemeOther ZH-CN/w:LidThemeAsian X-NONE/w:LidThemeComplexScr&#105;pt /w:Compatibility /m:mathPr/w:WordDocument <![endif][if gte mso 9]> /w:LatentStyles <![endif][if gte mso 10]>

<![endif]"In the center is, of  course, the love drama between the American soldier and the Vietnamese girl Kim, played by Li-Tong Hsu – it is with her that the emotions are coming. She is heartfelt in the scenes and lives her character fully.""A first-class ticket with sobbing warranty."Dagens Nyheter(Daily News, Sweden )"Philip Jalmelid in the role of Chris together with Li-Tong Hsu in the role of Kim take Swedish musical artistry to new heights. "[if gte mso 9]> /o:OfficeDocumentSettings <![endif]

Skånskan( Regional New s, Sweden)

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<![endif]"The most haunting version of the musical I have ever seen."

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Singing at the HK premier of "Les Misérables" the movie

Dear AnD friends,

Just finished singing at the HK premiere of " Les Misérables"the movie.

Bring your tissues when you go and watch it!!! So beautiful and touching!

With gorgeous Lisa S.

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Dear friends,

It's finally here, my first Mandarin MV!!! The Chinese title is:


Hope you'll enjoy the clip and please help me to share it with your friends!!!



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A preview of my upcoming MV!

I'm very excited to post the preview of my upcoming MV!!!

Several AnD artists worked on this, including Zhou Le!

Hope you'll like it!

 Persistence 《再执着一点》

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New Project!

Dear AnD friends!!!

I'm back in Asia! We had a great run of Miss Saigon in the Netherlands! It was a fantastic year with lots of exciting challenges! Who can say they got to play all three of the main female roles in the show? I'm very grateful to have had this opportunity!

##Now I will be moving on to my next project!!!

Stay tuned!!!

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My kids!!!

We had a party for all the kids who alternate in the role of Tam. Tam is Kim's son in "Miss Saigon".

Tam is supposed to be almost 3 years in the show and we actually have mostly girls who play the role. Some of the girls have to either have their hair cut short  or wear a short wig in the show.

It was such a fun afternoon making cupcakes together! Afterwards, the whole cast enjoyed a mini-version of Miss Saigon performed by all of our 14 Tams!!! It was so touching!!!

I've played Kim and Ellen with every one of these adorable kids. I love working with them and to me they really add extra joy and sparkle to this production!

I even get to borrow clothes from one of our Tams, so sweet!

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Miss Saigon 250th show!

What's new in Saigon, last week we had our 250th show!!!!

Sunday has become our regular drinks night anyway as we always have a matinee on that day and also because it's the end of a 7-show week (sometimes even 8 shows!)

It's nice to chill with everyone and when there's something to celebrate, it makes it even more special!

So what else is new. We had rehearsals with our new Chris, Jamai Loman, who will be officially taking over from our current Chris, Ton Sieben, on the 10th of June. Last week I got to go on as Kim and Ellen and it was already the last time for me to play opposite Ton. He's not the first cast member who leaves for other commitments. During the run we have said goodbye to some really cool people, but luckily we always get some really nice and wonderful people in return!

I'm going to enjoy this amazing production and all the great people who are involved as long as it lasts!

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interview in Asian News - 華僑新天地

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recent interview

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