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Now im Back on AND!

but for how long????

well ive been away ppl because there was simply not enought time what so ever for me to post anything at all! also the fact of me being super lazy!!! and i am also sick... but dont get me wrong! its the good kind of sick... specialy when you are making that money ;]

dollar dollar bill yall!

but yeah i do feel sick as a dog... haha some one come take care of me?

most jobs in one week of oct... 5!  more jobs i had in one week of my new agency than i did in 3months with my old... haha

lots of print work, fashion shows, and TVCs. and also my frist fashion spread EVER! wow am i excited to get them tears....

TVCs; Lux, Korean Property, PAN cosmetic, hmm some Loation Brand... lol forget the name...

and also GET THIS!!! Cokacola for 5 countries airing in south east asia...

now thats the one that has made my whole stay worth while...

Paul Smith Show

back stage b4 the show.... yeah we have nothing better to do...

Hey i play a Rich Korean BusinessMan! hell yeah driving my Benzo! ;D

the Crew


Drunk on the job for SpyWine Cooler... Lol glad to for it... cuz that was a long day....

shooting for Preal, also shot with another model, she was nude... or HE you MIGHT SAY!

And Yes that is my Chinese name tattooed on my BACK! lol and WHAT?!?!


well this is why i remember why i dont post many blogs... cuz it has taken me about a hour to do this... with the shitty internet and fidning pictures and all... eh...


okay will try again really hard soon! =D

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is it lucasz in the middle? long time no see him ,,,
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