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A Splendid Surprise

 hmmm how to start this one....? well okay earlier in the week i had done a sony ericson tvc casting and i got a second call back yesterday. all hope to say things went really well and i hope i only get the job now =] "keep fingers Crossed" everybody! so after that i go with my friend to chinatown just to walk around and look. and i buy a watermelon juice from a fruit stand... and omg it tasted so REFRESHING for the first big gulp... because man its a hot humid closed in kinda place... chinatown is... and then we keep talking looking around and i start to notice the drink had a funk to it. and it started to leave like a stink aftertaste? lol damn it was just horrible so i tossed that. and saw the yam cha place where ohm and i had went to go eat at. and its really good. so once we get up there to grab some of that good dim sum we ordered and every thing was set and ready... we were just waiting for the food. next thing i know i feel something touch my ankle so i thought nothing of it coulda just been my friends foot that brushed up against me, and then 5seconds later i feel it moving up my leg and next thing you know i jumped out of my seat and grabbed my thy where it meets my knee. and the moving stopped... shiiit i thought to my self i didn't even want to know what it was, but back in my mind i kinda thought about it and knew what it was, but just didn't want to really see it... until i rolled up my pants and only to find a huge cockroach... crushed... halfway up my leg. wow and i tell you that is the sickest feeling ever... WTF kinda stupid bug just gon go run up someone's leg the instant they sit down. and i kinda complained to the manager, and he said he will take care of it. so the food comes and man it was so good, but they ran out of the little custard pies?? so i ask for the bill and it comes, and im like wait dont we get a discount or something? and the guy said he took care of it...

and i look at the bill and we get 15% off.... so i saved $1.76 -_- i mean they dont call chinese people the asian jews for nothing then i guess right?

well what ever food was great, but thats how it always is... you have to go to the C grade restraunts. for chinese the lower the letter grade the more flavor you will get in your food. =]

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hahaha serious.... hey thats not going to stop me from going to chinatown... well maybe the 3rd times the charm... if something happens next time i go then its somthing telling me quinn you dont belong here... lol
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lol i think a ghost wolda spiced up my story much more =] id prolly die if that happend... haha
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