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China town ThugStas

So yeah, about one week ago, my manger and I just finish eating at the yum cha place in Chinatown, and its like 9.30pm. We were walking out to find a cab and he had his camera and was snapping at interesting things. As I flag down a cab, I got in and told him to hurry up while he was taking a picture of a bike that was knocked over. While jumping in, he tried to get 2 more shots.

Next thing I realize, there were two guys staring and pointing at us. And I thought to myself ... Hmm, that guy seems pissed for some reason. LOL. And about a block up the road, we saw these guys driving up on our asses and honking at our cab, pointing at us for some reason, and ohm had like no freaking clue what was going on. But I kinda knew what was about to happen. But I was thinking “wtf this is singapore..... ya know”

Next thing you know, the car cuts off our taxi and the guy gets out and walks up to us. We were telling the stupid taxi driver to drive off and we had to lock the doors but the taxi guy just sits there. Then this asshole walks up and tries to open our doors and started cussing and yelling at us. Why did we take his picture, bla bla bla, all in a very threatening way like he was about to grab ohm and toss him out the taxi.

The guys then threatened us about wanting to report us to the police and, we were thinking “wtf, is taking a picture a crime?” So we said “No, fuck off. We are going home.” and they said they were going to follow us to our hotel. So then once they said that we said “Fuck you, we are going to the police to settle this shit.” So next thing you know we are there talking to the cops. And get this, the whole time these two men are like 50 year old ghetto Chinese gangster kind of guys.

And he tells the cops we "hammered him" which I guessed means we punched him or something. Which was just ridiculous bullshit that you can smell out of his mouth, LOL, so then we told the cops our side of the story and the taxi driver was the witness too? And the cops kinda owned up those guys, seem like the guys who were in a fight previously and say they went back to their shop to get something when we were taking pictures of their "shop". So I guess they were trying to hide something that couldn’t be seen and wanted to pick on us. But yeah, the cops ended up keeping them and letting us go.

haha oh and on the way back to the hotel, ohm says " immagine if these guys were waiting in the hotel for us??? would be such a great plot for a movie"


So WOW,there you have it a brush of a bit of the thug life here in Singapore

 I keep it Real



and thank Charlynnn every one... she kinda got me to do this one... otherwise i woulda been to lazy... =P

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ha kinda scary at first, but the whole damn time iwas trying to keep the peace... but i was ready at the moment to throw it down with their fragile asses...
over 13 years ago
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haha wish you were there with me then so you coulda scared the damn taxi driver into driving off... haha and yeah im glad i didnt have to break somebodys face in =]
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