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Highly Recommend!

Just finished this Justin Timberlake live dvd,one word... AMAZING!

Can't wait to share with u all cus he was just so great in this one. Singing skill, dance move and play different instrumental... Damn! Hat off for this superstar! Respect for his hard work and passion in music. Remember last month i watch MTV music award he got the best male artist, he came up the stage and just said: Thank u MTV and play more music video, we don't need no fucking reality show!

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A week with Mr. Richardson

I am sitting in front of my stupid mac and thinking of the last week. I was so glad to have this opportunity to worked with Mr. Richardson, see how he work with models, what he likes what he doesn't, just feel so honors can getting so closed to him. He is a very very cool person, absolutely a true artist. He is kind of quiet person, no bull shit at all, but when he was shooting and the object was what he like or interesting, he was just so exciting like a little kid having a ice-cream. He like candy a lot, even his whole crew l...Read more

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Terry Richardson

Getting very exciting cuz next week i am gonna have a chance to work with Terry Richardson. This dude is a fucking amazing photographer. I like his work a lot and i am so glad can have a chance to work with him!!! But next week is gonna be a fucking busy week, i am gonna video him, docu his work and Hardpack will perform at his party coming Friday too! Busy but Happy! In case u want to know more about  this dude, check out his web site. http://www.terryrichardson.com/ Read more

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Video!!! Wing Shya x Diesel x AliveNotDead

Dear all, this is the  video i just did for Diesel. It takes me a week to finish so i hope you guys will enjoy! Special thanks to Eddie aka Dor Yuk let me use his tracks. Thanks man welcome back!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaB-UChACkI

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Last night 24herbs performed at IFC Red, this is my first time been there and i was very impress the place was so damn cool! Open area between IFC tower 1 and 2, amazing harbor view... oh man,bring your lover there MUST!  We  just doing ok i think because this is the first time we do T stage(b4 was fashion show) I kinda like little don't know how to use it...! The best part was when we performed the last song 24herb...Read more

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Short film with Andrew!

Hi boys and girls, just want to sharing this to u all. This is the short film me and Kim Chan shoot for a alcohol drink in Tokyo with Andrew Lin! It's last October and we do have a very very good time. It's always good to work with Andrew, he is very very professional actor and good friend of course! We been through a lot of places in Tokyo and the best shoot was in Shibuya cross... u will see! Shout out to Terence my man, who produced this short film and he just did a great job. KB thanks for invited us to stay in his home ( ...Read more

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What a vacation

Just got back from Hawaii for the Hawaii Film Festival. This  trip was freaking awesome! I had a very very good time out there. The weather, beach, food... man i just can't ask for more! Big shout out to MAMA & BABA, thank you for everything,u know what i m talking about. RESPECT! Dan: thanks for the trip! AnD family u guys were  just so organized. Raffi: thanks for drive us around, u r the best driver! In4mation crew: u guys were just great, thanks for the gears! This is the trip i will never forget in my damn whole life for 1000% su...Read more

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Good Week!

This week was going quiet nice! 24herbs did a good show at Diesel party and last night Hardpack was done all the recording. Yeah!!! Next step is mixing and think about the cd cover! Getting very exciting now, can't wait to c 24herbs first album and Hardpack first ep coming out! The feeling is like i m having a twin baby... hahaha! Big shout out to Davy Chan! Anyway just so happy right now and next Friday i will go to Hawaii to join the Hawaii Film festival with all my brothers Dan,Andrew,baba (too bad terence u cannot make it...shit) Kit,Kim,J...Read more

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Dr. Dre

Take a look with new Dr. Dre!!! Amazing and he said he work out 2 hours a day, five days a week! Damn! He looks like 50 cent now!

Dr. Dre-4.JPG

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All time favorite! My best ten album.

The following cds are my all time favorite,actually i try to put it at my poll forum but somehow i just so stupid... anyway just want to shared with u all and i want to know what is you boys/girls favorite too. Tell me your best ten at my forum lar!!!

Phat: 1. Nirvana - (Never mind) 2. Green day - (bullet in a bible) 3. Pantera - (Vulgar display of power ) 4. Korn - (Korn) 5. LMF (Lazymuthafucka) 6. Anodize - (Anodize) 7. The Doors - ( The best of the doors ) 8. Rage Against The Machine(The Battle of Los Angeles...Read more

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