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A week with Mr. Richardson

I am sitting in front of my stupid mac and thinking of the last week. I was so glad to have this opportunity to worked with Mr. Richardson, see how he work with models, what he likes what he doesn't, just feel so honors can getting so closed to him. He is a very very cool person, absolutely a true artist. He is kind of quiet person, no bull shit at all, but when he was shooting and the object was what he like or interesting, he was just so exciting like a little kid having a ice-cream. He like candy a lot, even his whole crew like candy,he like Starbruck( ice latte non fat milk with extra shot  espresso ) he like smoke cigarettes and red bull but he don't drink alcohol. He must listen his own i-pod when he shooting (even outdoor his crew will try to found a plug for him). The first night we shoot 2R(they do pretty good job), one Taiwan supermodel and one gay make up artist. The second day we went Macau shoot Pansy Ho in MGM Casino, then we want to find some prostitutes to shot but finally doesn't work. They like to give u fuck but just don't want to be on camera. So we just got back town. The third day we shoot a lot of celebs like Jan Lamb, Sam lee, Daniel and Lisa, Amanda S, Twins, Josie Ho,24herbs...etc. Jan's part was quit interesting, Terry want him to carry a ox heart to shoot in front of the meat store,damn funny! Daniel and Lisa was dress up pink with their lovely dogs( of course dogs dress up pink too) Friday was the exhibition day so we went to shoot some celebs in the morning and then he was doing tons of interviews in the afternoon. Hardpack was performing that night and we do pretty good job...hehe! Saturday we go Wan Chi to shoot Lau Ka Fai who was starring at Kill Bill 1 & 2. They even talk about Wu Tang Clan...hahaha! They listen Wu Tang when they shooting of course! Enter the 36 chambers!!!

Yesterday just easy day, he shoot some celebs in the morning then he pack his stuff then back home. Hopefully hopefully can work with Mr. Richardson in the future and all the best to him,his crew. Shout out to Mr.Richardson, Swanson, Seth, David and Marcelo.  Fed, Kit, Cat, Melvin and Chris from Diesel HK. Wing Shya, Lyn, Gil and Samuel from Shyalala. Goodnight!

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oh man, i didn't know Fed was so buff!
over 16 years ago
hi phat :) it was nice meeting and talking with you for a bit during the shoot in WanChai! hopefully see you perform again soon!
over 16 years ago
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How exciting! Hope we can see those photos some day...
over 16 years ago
Photo 23329
dayem even osama got involved ?
over 16 years ago



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