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Me, Kit and Ghost Style just did a song for Adidas. U can go here http://adidas2008.com.hk to listen and download the song, and u can watch our interview too! Feel very very honor can do something for 2008 Beijing Olympic. Impossible is nothing China is shining![](/attachments/2008/08/34654_200808051721121.thumb.jpg)

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Banksy Again!

Just found some cool pictures of Banksy's art work want to share with u all. Mad talent artist and messenger! Respect! Read more

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CRACKER_my old band with Kit!

Just got these two old pics from Kit, it was like 10 years ago! Our band name call ' Cracker ' we play rap heavy, as u can see Kit was long hair and i was a ' kum mo' kid!( not very clear but still can recognized) hahaha! Looking at those photos bring me back all the memories. Kit and i was high school classmate, we study in same school and funny thing u know how we met in school was we were both late at the first date school and we need to stand outside the school gym half an hour for punishment, then we started...Read more

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Apple daily

I love this photo! It's on yesterday Apple Daily!U  CAN'T HAVE TRUTH WITHOUT LIES

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Helen To 風行東京

After meeting Meter, me and Kit went to convention center to supported our good friend Helen To 杜如風 new book風行東京 release show.She is very good friend of mine, we know each other for like  more than 8 years. She support 24herbs and audiotraffic show every single times if  she in HK ( s...Read more

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Bad ass AF1 ever!

I met my friend Meter yesterday and he wearing this one! Lucky i got my camera! Sick ass AF1!

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The full circle exhibition will be kicking off tonight! Of course 24herbs will be there. Actually i've been there yesterday for a very fresh fast look! The painting were AMAZING!!! So exciting can see one of the living legends on so many levels art work like this closed!

Read more

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The Story of my new Tattoo

My last drunk blog... stupid! hahahahahahaha...! OK, i got a new tattoo at my left front arm and i already posted photos. Now i try to explain the meaning and the story behind of my new tat. This tattoo is for my grandma and the mighty GOD. My grandma born at 1918,pass away at 13-12-1999. In Jan 1999 a miraculous happen on her when she was trying to get up to toilet at the mid-night. She was a diabetes and had a bad legs so she can't even get up to toilet, but she still trying, suddenly she feel something pushing her up and hel...Read more

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god bless!

control phat... u drunk! yes, ido , i piss drunk buddies. i am trying to write this blog, but for some reason i just can't do it!  i do have a good time! god bless!

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Sorry for post it up so late cuz i've been very busy, 23th July Eric Haze exhibition, 25th July CR2 DJ Sammy show. And my first personal project, tones of work... but feel great! OK, new tat time!  Some of you might already saw these photos, thanks WZA for taking those great pics at the skin inks event! (thanks for the ride too) Thank you Raffi to posted the soul u video. And of course thank you to Gabe, the best tattoo artist in town. This dude really great! Real shit!

I will explain the design at my next blog. EnjoyRead more

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