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Get ink

After few beautiful sunny days, rain comes again. Is heavy and big! Anyway who cares, just bring an umbrella or shit... at least cool down the damn hot floor is good!

i will go tattoo today! Almost three years since my last one on my right elbow. Same artist different design, very exciting, very nervous...u know what i mean? Anyway i will post up here later. Just  hope rain can stop a bit, i hate bring an umbrella...! hahahahawww.letsfightthree.album.hkRead more

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Let's Fight Photos

Finally we did it...Yes! 24herbs did a great job, everyone did great... freaking awesome! The rock medley mash up we did were so fucking amazing...hahahaha! We practice for so many times and we executed right! The best so far i think. U can feel how great what i feel right! here are some photos, enjoy! Thanks everyone coming to support the Let's Fight concert! And of course thank u very much to our brothers and sisters! Thank U Thank U Thank U! Read more

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Let's Fight Round 3 tonight!

Hope to cya all tonight! It's gonna be sick ass show and 24herbs set... Bomb! I am very exciting right now! hahahahaha...!

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Blog: Wednesday, Jun 25

It's been a while since i wrote my first poet last week and post it here. I still like it thou...!

This week is kinda crazy, the weather... Last three weeks was keep heavy raining every single day, crazy heavy! I have to dry up my floor every hour cuz the windows near balcony got very little  damage not working 100% but 99.9, that little 0.1 cuz me tones of troubles! After three weeks insanity rain then comes up four sunny shinning days, (read Ghost style's blog, that day we rolling with the crew and bum up Jin at C...Read more

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蟾叫 給繁華壓低了

妳說 劃一根火柴吧 (啊!)


接過火柴 也接過小手

卡嚓 卡嚓...




就看著燃點起的燒毀 熄滅.

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Let's Fight Round 3

Let's Fight Round 3... looking forward to this man! Fresh line-up, different venue, is gonna be awesome! 24herbs have to step up and step up! We have new song, new rundown and new arrangement for this. Watch out... they are very dangerous! hahahahahaha... Read more

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The new album of Nas will be out in July. My favorite rapper, one of the most lyrical rapper in Hip Hop history. Here is the video, somehow it reminds me the movie " 25th Hours ". Directed by Spike Lee, Actor: Edward Norton ( this dude is my all time favorite, i love to watch his movie ) Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHdG3cFPtrU[![](/attachments/2008/06/34654_20080613013...Read more

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Beyond forever!

No matter what, listen to Beyond today, at least one song! I don't need to explain it right? I didn't know how they affect me when i was a kid but now... i can tell u Beyond affect me the most! Respect! Rest In Peace Mr. Wong Ka Kui黃 家 駒

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Sean Penn

After dinner i went to HMV to found some goodies tonight, this is one of my hobbies actually!I found this one...BAD BOYSbySean Penn. This is the first violence/hardcore movie i saw at cinema, i was just 8years old. Damn...! How come i still remember this movie??? Because there was a scene Sean Penn holding a pillow bag with many soft drinks can inside and hitting a guy's head on the floor, fucking hardcore! Because i was growth at the cinema! My grandma was a cleaner at the cinema she carry me to work every single day! so i had a chance to watc...Read more

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AnD Represent!

"Fund Raising for Sichuan" show was just finished. 1st June Pop TV Arena, over 300 artists come on stage to show their support and love to Sichuan peoples. 24Herbs, Audiotraffic, Josie Ho, Terence Yin and Ryan Hui were sang "Message in a Bottle". We did pretty good job honestly, i was so proud of myself. Please keeping support Sichuan and China! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6URM6_33Tg

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