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Hot Chip & Juno

Just got the Hot Chip cd couples days ago and i totally loves it! And here is the video i am digging this whole week! It was a very good video, the mv director was very clever to mix 'high low tech'. Enjoy!

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=AW94AEmzFhQ  

The making of: Read more

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Are U Ready?|你準備好了嗎

The busy March is coming boys & girls. After My Chemical Romance, 2 March Josie Ho will have her solo concert at StarHall(HITEC). Incubus and Maroon 5 will come to Hong Kong at March too!

I am very exciting because Hardpack& 24herbs gonna be part of her show. This is my honors can perform with Josie and her fan...Read more

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Who will be my 20000?

Ok, i am counting my blog visitors. So far is 19563 visits and i am very exciting who's gonna be my 20000? It is very childish and it doesn't mean anything at all for some peoples but i do care just like you want to know who care u the most or you login AnD account u will go to the home page and check out who is your recent visitors. Who visit my blog? Why visit my blog? What they feel about my blog? ????????? So many questions like a green kid, maybe i am still a kid who knows!

I like blogging here cuz i feel love. I s...Read more

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The Show

Finally we did it! The party was just great. The vibe were awesome! So good to see all our friends coming to show their love and support, thank you thank you thank you thank you!

I was very happy we did a great job. Especially the feed back were very positive, feels GOOD!

Thanks Raffi to film this video! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OasYZiSQeP0First time to design the lighting part and comes up very good. I was very very HAPPY! Most important is ...Read more

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WHAT? Is This True?

We finally did it! We DID It... Hell Yeah! We been through the last two years and finally we  saw this yesterday, i am just so exciting! 242424mei! Here is the link u can get it from here: 24 Herbs Debut Album

Thanks again and i need to ready for tonight! Enjoy!

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Wild Day Out 08!

Finally we finished Wild Day Out show yesterday. We had a good time on stage! Glad to saw so many friends and AnD artists there! WE ROCK! Especially Josie, she was just so good! I am so exciting she cover Yeah Yeah Yeah song! Thank you all our friends who came and show your love!

...<aRead more

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Project after dark!

This is my big brother Prodip first documentary project call ' project after dark ' It produced by my friend 'big head John' The figure was make by Michael Lau.  If u interesting in UFO stuff, u gonna loves this one. It's gonna out very soon! I am the guy who very interesting in all kind of ufo and peculiar stuff since i was very young. Then i joined LMF and playing band with Prodip, he tells me more about ufo and aliens stuff makes me get into it a lot!!! He is a very good graphic designer, all our lmf cd covers, post...Read more

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Happy New Year greeting from Hardpack!!!

Hi Boys and Girls, enjoy this video i did yesterday for u only! Happy new year and wishing u all have a great great holiday! Don't get into any troubles!!!

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=K_yvSnfEOsM

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MERRY X'MAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After JC Awakening photo exhibition and MGM grand opening party, today finally can sit down and do some editing. I didn't meet JC, how i know him because couples months ago i saw a very beautiful East Touch( HK trend magazine ) cover, It was two girls models standing facing the camera but it just steal all my attention so i got one ( i am not usually buy trend magazine) Anyway there were a interview of JC and he did that cover, that's it. That is all i know about him...Read more

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Happy Birthday BABA!!!

Happy Birthday BABA!!! All the best wishes! Fish bar hell yeah!!! Read more

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