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Highly Recommend!

Just finished this Justin Timberlake live dvd,one word... AMAZING!

Can't wait to share with u all cus he was just so great in this one. Singing skill, dance move and play different instrumental... Damn! Hat off for this superstar! Respect for his hard work and passion in music. Remember last month i watch MTV music award he got the best male artist, he came up the stage and just said: Thank u MTV and play more music video, we don't need no fucking reality show!

  The other one want to share with u is this film. I watched yesterday with Tung Tung at

 The Grand Cinema (ELEMENT)

This is a very funny movie, if u like 'Something About Mary' then u gonna love this one.

By the way if u haven't been Element b4, better check it out cuz that is a best mall in town i think and right now there is not that popular so not much peoples. U can have a very good,chill,relax  afternoon there! Good shops too!

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oh i almost went to see this tonight but didn't end up going. next time! :-P
over 16 years ago
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will take u up on that one
over 16 years ago



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