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All time favorite! My best ten album.

The following cds are my all time favorite,actually i try to put it at my poll forum but somehow i just so stupid... anyway just want to shared with u all and i want to know what is you boys/girls favorite too. Tell me your best ten at my forum lar!!!

Phat: 1. Nirvana - (Never mind) 2. Green day - (bullet in a bible) 3. Pantera - (Vulgar display of power ) 4. Korn - (Korn) 5. LMF (Lazymuthafucka) 6. Anodize - (Anodize) 7. The Doors - ( The best of the doors ) 8. Rage Against The Machine(The Battle of Los Angeles) 9. Pyscho Realm - (Psycho Realm) 10. Jay-Z Linkin Park (Collision Course )

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Yes sir! I shall follow the list and listen to it one by one! =)
over 16 years ago
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LMF is only #5? your bandmates might be offended! :-P for me I'd have to include Achtung Baby, Led Zeppelin 4, Pearl Jam's 2nd album and STP's 2nd album.
over 16 years ago
I think the best top ten list should be change to the best top 100 list...hahahahahaha!
over 16 years ago
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Good taste, man. And I'd add: Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon Radiohead - OK Computer (actually all the albums for me...) Beyond - 再見理想 Sigur Rós - ( ) Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced there are too many! and of course LMF and Anodize! ha...
over 16 years ago
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great show last thursday!!! the best of doors really is a great one, one of my favs. rage, green day, lmf, nirvana among the stuff i still listen to. (hmmm... prob reflective of my age...) and anodize - definitely a gem and its too bad a lot of people prob have no idea what it is... !!!!
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