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Last night 24herbs performed at IFC Red, this is my first time been there and i was very impress the place was so damn cool! Open area between IFC tower 1 and 2, amazing harbor view... oh man,bring your lover there MUST!  We  just doing ok i think because this is the first time we do T stage(b4 was fashion show) I kinda like little don't know how to use it...! The best part was when we performed the last song 24herbs posse song, baba was fine,jbs was fine then my turn right, i was like 100% ready and bouncing my head like a bitch  just took tons of math! I was ready then the first two lines just fine then suddenly... POWE! everything stop! Music stop, mic stop! The power cut by itself. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

That was a very good experience!!! We learn a lot...! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Thanks to our guest DJ Yodei(Dor Yuk is not in town) AnD family, T dog, especially thanks to Raffi for the video shoot! Warren for the stylish fish photos! http://Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF392SFyVg0[![](/attachments/2007/11/34654_200711170604282.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=123429)

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The first song was Superstar!
over 16 years ago
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weeet you guys got yeodie(AKA Gordon) to play with you guys... he's a good old bro of ours... we knew each other in primary school... wahahahahaa wow thats yeodie, misskeen, adrian and me!!!! small fuckin' world man!
over 16 years ago
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you guys sounded good. it was hard to film on that stage, i couldn't fit everyone!
over 16 years ago
紅黑色格仔衫...my favorite!
over 16 years ago
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The video so great ....Add oil Cheer
over 16 years ago
is good to perform if u know how to use it! hehehe!
over 16 years ago
We didn't coordinated our outfits!!! I think someone showing magic...hahaha!!!
over 16 years ago



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