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NIN Live In HK!

So happy last night i went to watch Nine Inch Nails concert with Dor Yuk, Ghost Style AnD family and some of  my secondary school classmates. I feel so lucky because we know each other (classmates)for 20 yrs and still closed like we were green kids in school! Hahahahahah...!!!!!!!!!!

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Examine oneself!

Ok... It's been a long time right? I haven't update my blog since Gwen's live in town.

Never mind... i will try to update it currently. First  of all thanks for everyone to coming HK Live last night. Hardpack fucked up little bit here and little bit there but still we having fun! Thank you very much! After the show the sound guy comes to me and said hey Phat i have a suggestion for u all right, u better get yourself a pair or ear mon or u should change your throat! I was like wow...ohh... yeah OK! He said it's good fo...Read more

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My tears drop!

My tears drop for Will Smith!

Yesterday me and Kit taking a MTR train to studio to rehearsal, he ask me: hey, did u watch any good dvd recently? Then i said Yeah man,did u watch The Pursuit Of Happyness? He said yeah yeah this film is awesome! Blag blag blag blag we both talks like a high school girl just can't keep our mouth shut! So funny!!!

It's been a long time i haven't cry for a film! i used to cry a lot cuz i love movie so much, get into it so deep and i am a emo kid! Last time was 'Dancer in the dark.&...Read more

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I met Alan Tam in toilet!

I met Alan Tam in toilet!!! This is the story. Last Sunday night Eric Suen孫 耀 威 had a concert at Kowloon bay. He invited me and Kit to performed one LMF song. So we go and rock the stage. Alan Tam show up at the last song too! Wow!!! So happy to see Eric back on stage! The concert goes very smooth, he did very very good job! Happy for him!

Then we go after party at Causeway bay. Then around 2 a.m.  i went toilet, the toilet was very smal...Read more

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Last night go to see Transformer with Ghost Style. Freaking awesome film! Great action,CG is dope, very enjoy! Then G.s invited me to his new home he said: Phat, do u want to come my place and chill i got a bottle of v.s.o.p!( sounds like he want to brokeback me )  Wow... i never taste v.s.o.p b4 so why not! I watch the bottle then i think about this kind of wine is old skool right?V.S.O.P... come on man no way!  i remember my father used to have a bottle at home and he just drink in a very important moment like Chinese New Year. Every time he just d...Read more

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This is old news but i want to share with u all. This guy call Banksy. He is one of my favorite artist. This is what he did to Paris Hilton. He bought 500 pieces of Paris Hilton cds then do some more art work remix the cd by Danger Mouse. Put those cds back to HMV and Tower records. If u have this cd. Congratulation! Cuz ebay price is £750 now!

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Let's start with A tonight

Try to write something but just seems nothing in my head... ARRRAGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

So i think maybe just share these two videos tonight.

Angles & Airwaves- totally different from Blink 182. I personally like them a lot!

Amy Winehouse- Her voice just keep spinning in my head. She is my current favourite!


Angles & Airwaves

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKnfv_MtU...Read more

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This is my first blog!

Wow... i can't believe i am writing my first blog here! This is so unreal for me. And my first blog is writing at Conroy's crib... make this blog more unreal!Cuz i just wake at his sofa...now is 7:00p.m Last night was crazy. 24Herbers, Audiotraffic, Kevin boy,Jan and many good friends all hanging out at Baba,Mama's crib. Crazy drinking and awesome bbq.Thanks Baba&Mama holding a great party! Couple things want to share with u all: 1. Adrian doing very well in the X360 guitar game. Can u picture a real guitarist playing a...Read more

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Welcome blog

Hi all thanks for stopping by my blog. In the Lab completing 24HERBS debut album and Hardpack first EP. Hope u enjoy!

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