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2 days

ooh suffering from withdrawal blogging symptons....been biz with work . Just caught up on all of the recent news and realised that maybe my schedule isn't as crazy as it seems...

i have been thinking about the coming months and do not know how the hell its all gonna ride...

August - have a china tour to work on... and then new spring collection to shove out the door for September fashion week....

I will be in NYC in September as well as LA , toronto, vancouver montreal .. back to HK.... then London.. paris and Milan and bac...Read more

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gosh when i spend my weekends in HK .. it flies by so fast.. i try to cram as much as i can in as it is really possible...

My friend was saying to me yesterday that i need to make time for people and open up and be more approachable.... i think it is because i am so focused in what i need to get done.. i don't always see what goes on around me...

Trying to get work on putting my collection together, there are sooooo many creative projects i really want to sink my teeth into ... i am sodding the fashion cycle and just getting o...Read more

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technical difficulties???

Gosh having technical difficulties....Can't post any comments.. had a lot to say today.....and i am having blog withdrawal symptons..maybe it is just China servers????

times like this that i feel like i have had my tongue cut off...!!

thank goodness i am off to HK tomm.

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new creatives..

check what my friends designed... it's really cool interactive fun.. i hope that they get nominated for award for this at the cannes lions fest this weekend


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HK music scene

Besides Canton pop.. there is another side to HK's music scene and i love it - i have yet to discover more and  also in China..i cannot live without the beats it sets the mood, uplifts you, brings you up , energizes.. and chills you right down..

coming from Manchester - there was always a heavy gig scene along with the Hacienda alike..there were some brilliant bands to come out of there.. i miss the parties.. the jam sessions.. where a bunch of peeps can bring it on with live percussion and live vocals.. and people are just dancin...Read more

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When we Blog....

i have just come to realise that alot of people out there need to blog...it's a huge support system.

it's addictive..for some its a way of venting.. its a way of letting people share  the deeper thoughts without having to face reality... safety zone

we all need to get out more.

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When we play...

Just got back from a fast few days in Taipei & Shang.. good to get out and catch up with the girls.....and hang..

We gals played .....so many new places  ...how i do it .... i don't know.. lots of drink and lack of sleep and now i am back home.

it's amazing how you can bump into friends from half way across the world when you least expect it ..it makes me so happy to have that... that's really a cool thing..makes you appreciate life.

Shanghai has a few snobby spots with such rude staff.... makes me wond...Read more

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another day in the life of faaaaaashion!

blog blog blah blah....

Is this what happens.... when words delete......

gosh had such another hectic day today... makes me wonder why why why i made a life changing decision to move to China... i am becoming jaded.. lucky i have a serious sense of humor that gets me through each day...NO one ask me what it is that i do.. unless u have several hours.. and you probably still wouldn't understand...

and tomm .. i have to fly to shanghai.. i need JUST ONE WEEKEND.. for me...EVEN ONE WHOLE DAY...Read more

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Doesn't it feel like we talk to ourselves when we Blog.....

There is so much cool shit happening .. you want to experience it all...so we start with the blog.. it's great for those times when you are actually super biz..and you can just let off the steam...

What am i doing in China...maaaan

missing NYC!


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My blog has been launched

My god... where are my peeps?

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Open your eyes. http://twitter.com/#!/Peonyrice

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