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Hi All

I have another talented artist who i would like to intro his work to you - G.

He has been a great part of my life and i have seen him grow from strength to strength - i want to share some of his work with you.

Graphics is his art.. he has beautiful hand drawn skills and an amazing sensitive style... that you are instantly drawn to.

this one is called "little eagle" - and is one of my favorite.

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A good friend of mine - AKIRA.. you will see his pics in cool moments album... designs stuff

check out some of his work at


Here's a small sample that he did for a NAKED launch in NYC... it was a get together for working artists.. designers that did not get as much time to cre...Read more

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okay.. i love animation. last night decided to watch a DVD and chill with the WASABI peas...

released last year - Renaissance

Set in Paris 2054 - It's about this scientist that gets kidnapped.. uncovering the madness behind ageless beauty through genetic  science... fllm noir fans...

http://www.renais...Read more

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It's great to have productive days.. i find it hard to balance sometimes.. seeing friends..working for a company and continuing with my own journey...having a low key Saturday.. and its really nice that i do not have to entertai anyone..just me, myself and I.

Two days in HK and i am feeling more organised both personally and new project...getting ready for my trip in 3 weeks....its amazing to have days that you can just get it all done.

I really appreciate people who are trying to do something more with their lives. Everyo...Read more

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Yah i made it....TOO SHORT!!.. but she rocked... some samplers from my friend... she was pretty cool to run into the crowd...great performer, knows how to work the crowd and keep it totally together...

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sleeping dreams

Honestly - i can say i sleep as much as i can whenever i can... i LOVE to sleep.. i used to have alot of dreams more like nightmares when i was younger.

But as i grew older i understood these to be my sub conscious interpretating my fears into dreams.

I really believe that when you dream... and you feel the power of those dreams..or certain key elements of the dream  that stirs up feelings and emotions.. like you actually FEEL them almost as though they are real.. those elements actually mean something more.

when you k...Read more

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FAC 51 History lesson

Here's some pics that i found to give you a taste of FAC 51.

More to come later when i go home to Manchester.

Many of us used to line up outside this sign awaiting what you knew would always be a great night with the music family.

i worked there for ...Read more

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Okay this is a lengthy read....I was sad to hear about Anthony H Wilson's passing.

He was a Manchester legend - both influential in music and culture and he founded a record company with a free attitude and a club -Fac 51 the Haçienda - that became a world famous music institution - many memorable late night haunts for most.

He bought in the likes of Joy Divison, new order and the Happy Mondays to name a few.

Some of you may have seen the semi fictional humourous film "24hr Party people".. it just...Read more

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i love lego

  I came across this photo postcard in HK in a cool vintage store on Bridges street.. central..LOVED it so much.. i am a LEGO freak.. and always wanted to visit LEGO LAND.....

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past few... and looking forward to more.

I have been to HK and back... missed the storm.... had a mad few days and wonder if i do burn the candle at both ends...work..play....sleep..same routine.

I won't bore you with the details of my work... so after hours...

Arrived in HK on Tuesday afternoon finally after numerous air traffic delays...

finally got to my apartment .. quick change....from rushed sweaty mad woman to cool calm collected fashionista in ten minutes.. i was proud of myself..hehe..amazing what shower, make up and grea...Read more

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Open your eyes. http://twitter.com/#!/Peonyrice

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