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2 days

ooh suffering from withdrawal blogging symptons....been biz with work . Just caught up on all of the recent news and realised that maybe my schedule isn't as crazy as it seems...

i have been thinking about the coming months and do not know how the hell its all gonna ride...

August - have a china tour to work on... and then new spring collection to shove out the door for September fashion week....

I will be in NYC in September as well as LA , toronto, vancouver montreal .. back to HK.... then London.. paris and Milan and back Home to see mum and fam for  a few days in sunny Manchester.. this is all over a period of 3 weeks... during fashion week...then HK, and back to China...

really sometimes i wonder why i do it.. but i really bloody love the cramming it all in and the creative drive... and the high lows that come with it...i have been doing this for ten years and have made alot of personal sacrifices with it....but it has been worth it... now i can chose to chill a little when i want to...

I can honestly say that i wouldn't know what to do with my time if i stopped for a moment to think about me ....except eat , sleep, catch up with friends... and partay... i think i cruise too fast sometimes..and wonder if it takes it toll on me later...

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