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ants in my pants, creative type...individualistic, headstrong, jaded...

Was born and bred in the UK..paid my dues as a designer in NYC .. and finally ended up in Asia between cities... I am in love with the mix of people and cultures - it's a never ending journey of spirit.

I started a design collective when i was still in NYC saddened about the way the corporate america fash industry operated.. it fed me.. but my heart says its time to give back.. being able to work with many talented craftspeople who really work with their hands and the love of what they do is really an amazing energy and gives me the drive in what i do now.

Breathing art and fashion with the environment in mind and remembering to cherish the world in which we live.

everyday i look for those small amusements that keep it interesting...and fun

I want to be able to connect fash, art and music together.. these are small joys that bring alot of smiles to many people.

Mother Nature RULES

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Languages Spoken english, cantonese
Location Hong Kong
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Open your eyes.!/Peonyrice

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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese
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Hong Kong
Member Since
June 5, 2007