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MY thoughts on abusing virtual space.

I was reading Patrick's blog on locking out another user for being an abuser...Yeah this is another scarey social environment that has come about.. and i am sure that it will evolve further... that is why when i was reading about how far one should go when blogging -  how much of the personal self to put out there.. is quite a decision you make... and you need to be comfortable with it. It's pretty new to me.. i have always been a tad weary and still am but think whatever now..it's cool to share a bunch of di...Read more

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chucking buckets

HK is chucking buckets... and it makes you feel so lethargic..wanna just curl up and sleep all day.

Perfect blogging day .. totally distracted from work....for ten mins.

reading through peeps blogs and it is surely amazing how much great creative energy is in HK... i thought i would miss alot of it after leaving NY.. and hey i do...but HK has so much to offer..total respect to those that are doing and trying.

BTW...soooo wish i could READ enough chinese for it to make sense... reading every other 3 words...is such a b...Read more

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One of my oldest friends just popped another one.... can't believe she has had numero trois already.... the kids are really adorable... part vietnamese and part chinese... and part cheeky little buggers... want to share the wrinkly new born with you all.

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    I am naming this weekend - THE WEEKEND for taking care of myself.. everyone should have a day that they designate for  yours truly.

I am seriously valueing any time off away from work.. never thought that when you are working in china that you get quite disconnected from all .. and its really all about the work.

I want to be able to take walk.. go to the beach , go hang at a friends house and not have to think about rushing off to my next appointment.. my agenda's been so tight that it really has been a while.

I am thi...Read more

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Once upon a time there was a little fish who grew to become a bigger fish.

She swam through the oceans .. and she saw many colors, shapes and sizes. sometimes she was chased...there were times when she needed to  hide in the shadows.

She always wondered how the temperature of the water was geting warmer,  how sounds changed and noticed that sometimes it was dark and other times there would be streams of light.

She felt the warm ripples and the rays of sun beam through the water. There were always feelings of calm as she swam tow...Read more

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Half the peeps on this site are venting about something - myself included.  We need to work on keeping all life situations simple and not complicate. Most things are easily resolved... but it's human nature to get in your own way.

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independant creators....

OKAY y'all

i was talking to my friend the other day and we came upon the subject of RESFEST........it's a digital fest for independant creators for film..... why under ASIA TOUR dates... neither HK nor China is listed.....?? i can't believe it...only Jap , singapore, indonesia....korea...what the heck happened..???


        there alot of amazing talent out there i...Read more

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okay .. it happened again.. Blog wipeout...

well..today is the first time that i have have managed to explore my local neighbourhood in HK... i moved in in December... sorry signed the lease...as a present to myself and i actually got to chill and enjoy today which was really a great feeling.

ran long overdue errands..enjoyed mimosas and unpacking some more of my newly opened belongings from NYC....

 cancelled all plans with my friends .. felt kinda snide.. but  i really needed it. Felt tired inside from people... and having to...Read more

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running back and forth....

Wow .. my life is about packing and unpacking my suitcase...actually i leave it packed now ready to go...back in HK this weekend....some reality... thank goodness....and back in China by Monday morn...i figured i spend an average of 2 nights in my own bed in China and 2 in HK and the rest in a hotel somewhere in China..or asia...and too much of it flying on these scarey planes on the mainland...need a huge sense of humour to get thru...

great thing is that i have met some cool friends along the way... and its all good... ne...Read more

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