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When we play...

Just got back from a fast few days in Taipei & Shang.. good to get out and catch up with the girls.....and hang..

We gals played .....so many new places  ...how i do it .... i don't know.. lots of drink and lack of sleep and now i am back home.

it's amazing how you can bump into friends from half way across the world when you least expect it ..it makes me so happy to have that... that's really a cool thing..makes you appreciate life.

Shanghai has a few snobby spots with such rude staff.... makes me wonder...what happened over the years...

Glamour bar is over.... i have never been in a place where the peeps are so stiff...with so many men and women looking for each other...and action.

Why is it that when the girls are out.. the guys think.. that they need to grab you.. and attempt to talk... and don't understand why it is that you might not want to talk back???

        overall...satisfying weekend.. good food, drinks, company and new spirit..

ready for this week... back to the draping board.

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