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gosh when i spend my weekends in HK .. it flies by so fast.. i try to cram as much as i can in as it is really possible...

My friend was saying to me yesterday that i need to make time for people and open up and be more approachable.... i think it is because i am so focused in what i need to get done.. i don't always see what goes on around me...

Trying to get work on putting my collection together, there are sooooo many creative projects i really want to sink my teeth into ... i am sodding the fashion cycle and just getting on with it...it's really scarey to know if people will like what i do.... now that i am doing it on my own.. it's really scarey to be judged.... cos my own attitude is that i try not to judge people and always be supportive of their  goals and passions...  and being able to give back through fashion is....this is my goal.

I think Asia Music and fashion industry should get together and do a huge benefit in support of the kids and women in asia... and being able to empower them and inmprove the standard of living....

i have been looking into this in asia.. but so far have not got very far. Any ideas anyone??

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Open your eyes. http://twitter.com/#!/Peonyrice

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