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I am fighting back... i think whenever we get sick.. we have to take it as a sign and listen to our bodies and stop abusing. We have one body...one life...

Funny i never tend to get sick... i am a person who is always going.. and even when i feel a tad off..i am practical and just deal with it.

This week decided not to have a drop of alcohol.. and boy did i manage alright.

Shanghai was a killer on Thursday - it really was a quick in and out - i wen...Read more

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I am sick....

stomache flu

food poisoning


not sure what it is ..but i need to be better... and stop gagging.. got to get on a plane tomm morning to shanghai..

ugh.. funny how some smells in china makes you want to chuck even more...morning elevator hair oil smell...bodies....taxis...hot smells.....closed space... right now super super sensitive to all of that..

bring me the drugs... congeee....soup and lucozade...hahaha wishing mom ..or someone was around right now...=(

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Better today

Hmmm.. seriously - 3 days it has taken me to recover... and i am sooo detoxing this week.. haven't touched a drop since sunday morning..

Been searching for a pool table in xiamen.. on a mission to find one..so glad i have the space for these things here... unlike HK..

Just got my trip to the usa and europe sorted .. for NYC fashion week... so will be leaving in september.. and do a detour to Montreal, toronto, vancouver, then to LA for a boutique opening ... and to England... home a few days to see family... can't wait......Read more

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One plane ride and massage later.. i am now wide awake... just spent a unexpected crazy weekend in HK...and now back in xiamen....what would i do without Hong Kong being so close..

Friends of mine were sorting out the opening of a new club...AVENUE...dark place.. intimate.. but it turned into two nights of craziness.....This young DJ Richie from NYC was fab.. played two nights.. and the VJ was such a fierce combo

so 6 hrs of sleep over two days and waaay too much champagne... i am now paying for it....super slow all day trying to ru...Read more

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Hi all,


Grand Opening  Saturday 14th

20 / F Century Square

1 - 13 D'aguilar Street




Come come...

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Its funny how people perceive me... i am who i am and that's it.  I am comfortable with myself ... and honestly don't give a flying toss to what other people think or judge....i do not have expectations of friends or people tht i meet unless it is work related.. in which case i guess i can be pretty hardcore....

In the past - peeps seem to think i am quite aloof...snobby...or just plain off... i didn't think i was... but i guess that is how i came across...

I am definately not the type of person who can chat to anyone a...Read more

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apple love...

My hard drive went on my power book and i am sooooooo peeeved.. not just because of the love of my apple and where it has been around the world with me with it's dents and bruises.....but i have lost all of the recent photos.... from the past year.. that i did not back up .... so mad at myself.

But hey it's time to get a new love....

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I was thinking today.. should i blog or not.. about the daily HAPPENINGS in my life. ...but it is good to share some thoughts...

Been working most of today from home and it was really peaceful and a good time to reflect. 4th July came and went.. ..HK independence day celebration came and went... and left me thinking .. i have been away from england for the longest time... and miss the holidays in Europe.. summer's there are the best to lounge and rest.

I sometime wonder if my roots will ever be settled. I have moved around so mu...Read more

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nothing much!

Don't have so much news to chat about... so grab your coffee and cake and here goes...

This week has really shot by.. and i decided to stay put and not travel.

I so need to get my place sorted out big time... quite exciting actually as i have a shipment coming into place this weekend..and i can really start to create...i want to put a pool table into my apartment.. i want to put vinyl sticker art all over the walls..i want to do soo many things.. but a weekend is never really long enough... and my schedule is packed for the...Read more

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Fortune cookie

I don't usually take notice of things like random fortune cookies....but one said... "our first and last love...is self - love"...interesting thought..how true is it?

Just got back home from one long and sticky trip to Guangzhou.... i am really feeling unhealthy..all this traveling, pollution, dirt, typing, running is bearing on my body.. or is it really truly age...???or perhaps it is those late late nights...i was walking up the steps in Central wondering why i feel so worn out in the heat...feeling tubby too..so no gre...Read more

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