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Oooh the travel madness has begun again. Off to HK tomm..then back to China at the weekend.. i am loving my apartment here in xiamen...it gets cosy when i have been chilling for a few days....although empty... not actually looking forward to the long haul fight to the USA..or the fashion show craziness... but i do like being in NYC and catching up with friends.

i am actually getting a wee bit stressed looking for this new assistant....and i am leaving town soon for a month... bad combination...

Sometimes i ask myself why am i in faaaa...Read more

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thank goodness for the weekend....

Sooo, it's been a few days since i blogged..except for a comment here and there..so here goes..

I AM STILL SICKIE.. this has to be the longest lingering bittersweet... peeved me offf sickieness that i have had...

Since i got back.. i have had a massive week of product training for the retail teams globally. It's a time of the year that puts everyone at edge in HQ...and all of the visitors enjoy the entertainment, free for all... and of course the new season's merchandise.

It has been so e...Read more

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GUTTED about THE CURE..... ....

Wishing i had Monday's off and i am sure EVERYONE is going to tell me how fabooolous it is.

Welll.. i can definately say ..i am not missing GWEN.. SAVE THE DATE..AUG 16th...

going to bed now.....

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quick entry before bed...

Well...got stuck on a plane today coming back from HK.... xiamen air traffic control is something else .. brings the rest of the world's air transportation to a standstill.... ALL the time... despite getting up super early for a sunday...running a million and one errands.. then boarding a plane that didn't take off... was as hot as hell... and 5 hrs later i finally reached xiamen and the rehearsal that was waiting....3 days to go and we have to show...

I am soooo tired from a super long day and not looking forward to...Read more

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I love HK

Honestly i really do.. and i am gonna live here for a while....i have not felt so at home since i left home..  i have been trying to decipher why it is.. perhaps it is about being around the chinese culture.... i was the only one in my family that missed being born in HK.. and now i feel that i have this opportunity to observe , understand and feel where my roots were  + came from. everything from seeing the old walking about... to the foods that i grew up with... and now i know where they all come from.. i realised that i am becoming more and more...Read more

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had enough!!

Just came back from another leaving do.. it's that changeover time... lots of peeps are leaving xiamen.... and i am still here!.....that says something....

Welll... still feel like crap.. if not worse from inhalng everyone else's smoke......perhaps i should just party hard for a night... drink lots...of saketinis...lychee bellinis.....and if that doesn't work... straight up whisky...  and get this right out of my system....(Better than DRIP PATRICK!!)..it's been lingering too long.. and it's seriously time to fight ba...Read more

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NYC loves...

Check out the newly posted pics..of nyc.. these were some of my favs...mainly in and around brooklyn.. New York is one of those places you can just go out for a stroll with no intention and stumble across the craziest shit... i miss the rides around the city and along the west side highway...and hanging in CP with some live performances

....lazy weeked brunches at my fav cuban or basque place.. ..

brazilian boat nights...sticker art, some of the best scrīpts around the city...its all about the small stuff that you can notice arou...Read more

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Power of CONGEE

....Have not left the apartment in two days and amazed myself that i can actually cook....all those homemade soups and thick creamy CONGEE....my mother would be proud considering that she was never one to cook ... and all my siblings, nephews, nieces would constantly avoid those "soup nights"

funny how situations make you look after yourself more...i am usually the last one to think about "me"   .......and more thankful for being able to be healthy and  free....my life is good... and i thank park n shop and city su...Read more

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blog withdrawal

aaargh .. the security code thingy mgigy....is not working again..... no numbers are showing up.... and i am in such a mood to chit chat.... now time to go do other things...hope it's all sorted tomm.... aNd Crew!!!!!

blog blog blat.....

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just when you think it's outta your system

Well......seems like a good day of recovery and then it hits you again.... looks like i have to ride this one out..counting the days to when i feel normal inside again... one illness is triggering a bunch of other things.. so i think i am getting better.

I was laughing at my random horoscope on FB and it is telling me that "every excess becomes a vice"...... and i guess i have always been extreme... from even keel to all the way...it's a part of my nature.

Human nature is always inq...Read more

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