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independant creators....

OKAY y'all

i was talking to my friend the other day and we came upon the subject of RESFEST........it's a digital fest for independant creators for film..... why under ASIA TOUR dates... neither HK nor China is listed.....?? i can't believe it...only Jap , singapore, indonesia....korea...what the heck happened..???


        there alot of amazing talent out there in HK and China.... and it is soooo time to get on the map..we spend so much of our time trying to be in NYC, Europe, Japan.. that i really wonder what happened to all of the home talent....

Lots of us come back... but yet we leave again.. there is amazing energy here and we need to represent..

I am venting and i hope that you all are listening.

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..okay were you trying to answer this blog as part of your speed blogging.....
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Open your eyes. http://twitter.com/#!/Peonyrice

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