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MY thoughts on abusing virtual space.

I was reading Patrick's blog on locking out another user for being an abuser...Yeah this is another scarey social environment that has come about.. and i am sure that it will evolve further... that is why when i was reading about how far one should go when blogging -  how much of the personal self to put out there.. is quite a decision you make... and you need to be comfortable with it. It's pretty new to me.. i have always been a tad weary and still am but think whatever now..it's cool to share a bunch of different opinions.

It's good to chat but with blogs it's created a space of time that people can really take to scrutinise what you have to say and think that they are really close to you.. ... and try to psych you out if they are a bit of a case...however at the end of the day - it is almost still virtual..not really as real as knowing the person for who they really are in person. That is a different kind of connection...but i feel in this "virtual space" ... we all connect.. chat.. reveal....share.. and it's quite communal....here is a place that people can feel safe revealing their most inner thughts and moments.. and are not afraid as they don't need to really face the other people that blog in the same space...so are these our virtual friends?.. at the same time people who abuse the  safe space .. also are able to do so for the same reasons that they may not be seen...safe risk for kicks....it's like back to the days when people use to make weird phonecalls to freak people out... that was the technology then..that they could be hidden behind the phone line... and this is now....further digitized.

Nice job to the AnD team who are so dedicated to keeping this space clean.

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