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okay .. it happened again.. Blog wipeout...

well..today is the first time that i have have managed to explore my local neighbourhood in HK... i moved in in December... sorry signed the lease...as a present to myself and i actually got to chill and enjoy today which was really a great feeling.

ran long overdue errands..enjoyed mimosas and unpacking some more of my newly opened belongings from NYC....

 cancelled all plans with my friends .. felt kinda snide.. but  i really needed it. Felt tired inside from people... and having to entertain.. sounds awful i  know. Sometimes i wonder and know that part of my personality makes me more comfortable as a behind the scenes person.. and sure as hell difficult for me to head my own collection and sell myself.. i would rather someone else do..i admire the artists who can deal with it.....

then there are times when i just love to have gatherings and wanting everyone to have a damned good time.

i really love the small details about HK.. which makes me so in love with it... but i do wonder how long i will be staying in HK... in asia... i really felt like this could be home for me when i arrived..haven't had that feeling in a long time...it felt settled and familiar but the funny thing is - i have probably spent less than 50 days of the past year actually here.

where next?

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don't worry ----- i am learning to live with these blog wipeouts...hope you had a good time in Shanghai....not working...!!
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