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NYC loves...

Check out the newly posted pics..of nyc.. these were some of my favs...mainly in and around brooklyn.. New York is one of those places you can just go out for a stroll with no intention and stumble across the craziest shit... i miss the rides around the city and along the west side highway...and hanging in CP with some live performances

....lazy weeked brunches at my fav cuban or basque place.. ..

brazilian boat nights...sticker art, some of the best scrīpts around the city...its all about the small stuff that you can notice around the city.. you just have to keep your eyes wide open..

COOL stores to check out  decent gear..seeing what the new breed are up to...nolita and EV are hotspots... LES is too overrun.

OLD love...NEW love.. i am yet to find these small tokens in HK... but i will.

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Open your eyes. http://twitter.com/#!/Peonyrice

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