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thank goodness for the weekend....

Sooo, it's been a few days since i blogged..except for a comment here and there..so here goes..

I AM STILL SICKIE.. this has to be the longest lingering bittersweet... peeved me offf sickieness that i have had...

Since i got back.. i have had a massive week of product training for the retail teams globally. It's a time of the year that puts everyone at edge in HQ...and all of the visitors enjoy the entertainment, free for all... and of course the new season's merchandise.

It has been so exhausting.. a lot of late nights.. rehearsing, fixing the lighting, the props.....the sound..the clothes ....dealing with peeps in china is not always easy...something always tends to go wrong and you have to cover your bases.. but overall we had a great effect.. our last ad campaign was shot in Iceland.. and the images are quite stunning in a modern way... you can see some of the landscape in my pics.. we went really industrial.

i am happy i got my fall order already.... yay new clothes.. always good..it's like christmas all over.

I leave for NYC in exactly one month and i cannot wait..it's going to be great....i am already thinking of my fav cuban spots... can't wait really... excited about NYC fashion week and being able to go back to Manchester to see my family... miss my beautiful nephew and nieces... a...bad timing that i need to find a new assistant to learn the ropes...just when i am about to be out of town for a month. September is such an incredible time in NYC.. i love CP and just walking around.

My own workshop is coming along...it's hard to dedicate time to personal projects full on as well as full time work... but you know the story.. can't give up the personal love.. the other pays the bills...i am lucky i love my job ... so it makes the personal projects so much more worthwhile.

Decided to spend the weekend in Xiamen as i will traveling to lots of different places  from next week for product training...so trying to relax and get this sickness out of my system.. if i can just stop coughing...i will be EXTREMELY made up.

so that has been me this week..

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