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I love HK

Honestly i really do.. and i am gonna live here for a while....i have not felt so at home since i left home..  i have been trying to decipher why it is.. perhaps it is about being around the chinese culture.... i was the only one in my family that missed being born in HK.. and now i feel that i have this opportunity to observe , understand and feel where my roots were  + came from. everything from seeing the old walking about... to the foods that i grew up with... and now i know where they all come from.. i realised that i am becoming more and more chinese.. if that is possible..i have always had deep rooted feelings and values that were different from friends growing up in England.. and i always thought i was a tad strange and different from others... but now i understand those come from being chinese.

Met up with some friends who moved here from the UK.. they prefer China.. i can honestly say that since living there during the past year and half.. HK is much more flavorful...

some peeps that have been here all of their lives.. and they loathe  it.. funny.. cos it's the same way some of my friends feel about UK and NYC..

It's all about how the energy flows.. it's human nature to get tired of certain things in life.. things that you are used to.. everyone has choices that they can make.. either you leave and go outside.. and look outside..or you stay and find what it is that makes you content...

I decided this weekend to smile and be nice to people ...despite being sick ,,,hahaha.. not that i am not usually... but i wanted to make more of an effort.. sometimes i walk around so sucked into my own world i don't always see what is outside...get into a certain way of looking outside

Well i did drink despite being sick...and what can i say except that i am still sick.. but i decided not to let it stop me.... had an early night at 4am...hehe..not bad for me.

Back to Xiamen tommorrow and a full on week with our retail, PR and marketing teams... this month is going to fly and i will get some NYc energy... and new pics for all to nosey at..


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