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just trying something out.

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Albany (3/28 - 3/31): Cold and SUNY

After Seattle it was off to Albany, New York.  Why Albany?  Well, my friend Jisue was over there attending the State University of New York (a.k.a. SUNY) as part of a Graduate School exchange program so I thought I would pop over and check out the scene.

Well, it turns out there is no "scene" in Albany.  So, you can save yourself the trouble of heading over there yourself.  Especially if you plan to fly Southwest.  3 planes (Seattle -> Chicago -> Baltimore -> Albany) to get there and an entire da...Read more

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Los Angeles (3/31 - 4/1): Southland Reunion

The trip from Albany to LA was considerably easier than Seattle to Albany.  Just two legs this time.  First a trip from Albany to Chicago, then from Chicago to LAX.  I even had some time in Chicago to sit down and get some work done online.

I arrived in LA pretty late -- around 10:30 p.m. if I recall -- and was picked up by Jenn and Wang Wei, who were nice enough to come get me and let me crash at their place for the night.  But first we were going to go meet up with Matt, Peter and Kathy over in Westminste...Read more

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Bay Area (4/1 - 4/3): Touring the Bay

And here we are, the 5th and final installment of my recent trip to the U.S.

When I arrived around 11 p.m. at Oakland Airport, I grabbed a shuttle over to the hotel where my mom and Reid were staying.  (Reid is my step-father, for those of you who don't know.)  I grabbed a room for myself and after chatting with my mom for a while, I did a little bit of online work and then went to bed.

The next morning I met both of them in the lobby and we checked out.  It had turned out that my sister was actually ...Read more

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Hong Kong (4/15): The Hong Kong Film Awards

The day had finally come!  It was time for the Hong Kong Film Awards.  I got ready in the morning and then headed in to do a bit of last-minute work at ... work.  After-all, we had just launched so there was quite a bit of things to do for the site.  I bumped in to Terence at the office and we confirmed that we were meeting at the venue at 2 p.m. for rehearsal.

As I'm writing this I realize that, while most of the Alive fans or people here in Hong Kong know what this whole thing was for, some people who...Read more

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Hong Kong (4/15): The After Parties

Unfortunately I can't get in to too much detail here.  I'll just talk in generalities and you should get the gist of what went on.  (When are we going to have friends-only entries anyway?)

So, after the big event we first headed back to Pat and Stephen's.  The show was on time-delay so we tried, unsuccessfully, to search for it on their TV, but eventually gave up and just turned on the Wii instead.  After a while Hiro joined up with us and then we all grabbed a taxi over to Kowloon. 

We went to ...Read more

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Hong Kong (4/16 - 4/19): All Work and No Sleep Makes Mark Something Something

If anyone ever tells you that all the works ends when a website launches, do me a favor and punch them in the brain.

After the festivities and our "launch" party, I ended up getting home around 7 or 8 a.m.  I decided to sleep as much as I could before going in to the office ... and that meant I woke up 12 hours later at 7:30 p.m.  I got in to work just before 9 p.m. and started at it. There was a LOT of stuff to do.

I won't get in to the specifics here...Read more

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Shanghai (4/19 - 4/21): Pat + Jack = Pack

It came up very last-minute for me to go to Shanghai, and as I said in my last blog, the main reason I went was the availability of two people to use as mules to bring luggage down from Shanghai for me.  Were I to try to do it myself I'd end up spending much more money on 3 trips up and down, so this way I could kill 3 birds with 6 suitcases.

Pat, Jack and I all met up at the office very early on Thursday morning.  As I also mentioned before, I had stayed up all night working because I knew that there is ...Read more

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Hong Kong (4/23 - 4/25): The Storm Before the Calm

After I returned from Shanghai there was a flurry of activity over the next few days. 

First, Jason was in town with the boss-man, and we had to meet a couple times about jetli.com and the foundation website.  It was actually fairly productive so it was good to get that out of the way.  Here are a few pictures from dinner with everyone ...

Read more

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Hong Kong (4/26 - 5/10): Nobody Here But Us Rock Stars

With everyone out of town, it was pretty much just Boon and I at the office.  SiuButDim would come in as well and the two of us had scheduled a series of interviews with several of the bands that would be performing in the upcoming "Let's Fight" concert. 

April 25 - Seasons Lee

Our first interview was with Seasons Lee.  For those of you who don't know him, Seasons is an independent rock artist who travels between Hong Kong and Taiwan performing shows.  T...Read more

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