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Hong Kong (1/21): Quick Plugs

First, I wanted to introduce a friend of mine who just joined the site.  Elika Mahony is a singer / songwriter based out of Beijing.  She's very international having parents from Iran, born in the U.S., raised in Kenya and living in China, Israel and Hong Kong.  Please check out her page and leave her a comment if you have time.  Hopefully we can get her added as an artist at some point in the near future. (fingers crossed)

http://www.alivenotdead.c...Read more

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Hong Kong (3/28): Friends and Fans

In an attempt to become a bit more efficient here at work and reduce some of the clutter of activity that leaks in to my typical day, I went through and streamlined all my friends and fans connections.

My daily feeds alone were getting ridiculous.  There's no way I have time to read all of the blogs on there.  And so I would end up just skimming and not really giving any decent attention to those that I am more obligated to follow through on -- like artist blogs or some of my close friends.

So, my new po...Read more

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Macau (5/14): Wushu Competition Videos

This blog will list out all of the videos I took during the May 14th competition in Macau.  For those of you who don't pay attention, I went to go check out some of the 7th Asian Wushu Championships in Macau on Wednesday, May 14.  Here are the videos I took:

Women's Dao Shu (Broadsword)

Cao Jing (China) - 1st place

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3dCiuShEic

Women's Qiang Shu (Spear)

Ma Lin...Read more

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Hong Kong (3/24): Piano Lessons

Lately I've been thinking about flexing the old fingers and practicing piano again.  For those of you who don't know, I used to play piano.  a LOT.  Well .. a LOT for me, at least.  I mostly learned classical, but also dabbled in some other random stuff like blues and a few contemporary things.

Anyway, I saw a sign in Tung Chung for someone who was advertising to teach piano lessons.  I thought I would shoot them an email and see what the lessons cost.

It turns out that, since I was practicing regularly...Read more

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Hong Kong (1/28): Seven and Heaven

There was a study (well, there have been many, I'm sure) about the leading causes of stress.  One article I found outlines the seven leading causes of stress (out of a total of 55 identified causes) and I came to realize that over the past week I've covered almost the entire list.

It's been pretty intense.  Things have happened on multiple fronts causing all sorts of havoc on my health, life and work.  Here is t...Read more

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Hong Kong (5/13): Wakeboarding with 8 Herbs

I'm not going to blog much about this because etchy is probably going to write up a more detailed one.  But I just wanted to post up a couple of the pictures I took from today's outing to the south part of the Island to join 1/3 of 24 Herbs (i.e. 8 Herbs), Conroy and Eddie, along with Terence and Etchy, to go wakeboarding.

It was for a Channel V spotlight on 24 Herbs, and for Eddie's portion he's taking the viewers wakeboarding.  The weather was great (probably around 27 or so) and I got a n...Read more

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Seattle (6/17): The Wedding Planner

I've been super busy here in the U.S., especially Seattle.  I'm helping plan and organize for my sister's wedding so it's a pretty much non-stop job.  Wake up ... busy busy busy .. go to bed. 

So, I can't really write much right now.  I'm just doing some work but it's way past my bedtime and I have to get up tomorrow and pick up my dad from the airport so I need to go.  I will write more when I have time -- probably after I've gone to L.A. or S.F.


You can see so...Read more

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Hong Kong (6/7): Black Storm

For those of you who might not know, there was a torrential downpour last night in Hong Kong.  It was labeled as a "black storm" and over 70mm of rain fell in just one hour.  Many parts of the city are flooded, but since I don't live in the city, I can't see any of that.  Here is a news article about it:

http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news/story.html?id=0ca1a333-b68c-4612-b139-eba65816...Read more

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Seoul, Korea (7/9- 7/12): Weekend Trip to Seoul - Day 3 - 6

I am at Incheon airport at the moment, waiting for my flight back to Beijing. Just wanted to write up what happened during the rest of my Korea trip ...


It turned out that there was a problem with Jisue's new apartment and she wouldn't be able to move in until Monday night. Also, she was going to be spending Sunday with her mom, sister and aunt so I was on my own. I spent most of the afternoon at Kim's working on my parent's website project and then went out for a b...Read more

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