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Monday Night Nitro … Testosterone City

I will start by saying that, growing up, I always thought Professional Wrestling was really dumb. I used to privately laugh at the other kids at school who debated the abilities of Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Hulk Hogan, and the rest of the largely muscled, loud-voiced gargantuans of the ring. Not having cable, I never watched it, and being a timid young boy, I never cared to.

But then, by some quirk of fate, after working here at Design Reactor, I started getting in to it. It’s a guilty pleasure, I admit, but the...Read more

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Shanghai (4/21 - 4/23): The Shanghai Karaoke Team

After Jack and Pat took off for Hong Kong I spent more time cleaning and packing.  Tam and Caleb took off for James' place in Pudong for a party over there and I hung out with Zhu Wen Jun for a while until it was time to go to meet up with wushu folks at KTV.

Since Yang Yu Hong and Xie Fu Yan had been in Fuzhou since winter-time, training with the National Team, I was looking forward to seeing them again.  Along with a few other Shanghai wushu folks we were meeting up with members of the Malaysian...Read more

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Hong Kong (5/11): Let's Fight - Round 1

I'm jumping ahead to the present so that I can blog a bit about the Let's Fight concerts before they escape my brain completely.

The first concert was on Friday night.  After a day or work, we met up with Marina, Bob and KB at the office and grabbed a couple cabs out to Kowloon Bay for the big event.

To be honest, this is only the second concert I've ever been to, and the first one was N*Sync so I'm not sure that really counts (Hey!  I got free tickets from Jet with really good seats...Read more

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Macau (5/13): Massage and Visa

On the day after 'Let's Fight" I had to go to Macau since it was a month since I had been in Hong Kong and my temporary visa was expiring.

Actually, it's strange becuase all my other visas were for 90 days, but this was a 30 day visa.  And after the following weekend I received a 90 day visa again.  So I'm not sure what the rules are there.  But ... whatever.  I do what I'm supposed to.

So, Sunday I ran by work for a few hours, did a bit of this and that, and then went over to Shun Tak a...Read more

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Wenzhou (5/18 - 5/20): Men's Wushu National Qualifiers

WARNING: This will be a long blog.  You have been warned.

Also, I will be putting up wushu videos from the competition later on, but I'll update my blog when that happens.

The week before my trip to Wenzhou wasn't all that action-packed so I'll save you guys from a boring blog by not really putting one up for the 4 days of boring text (MORE boring than usual, I mean).

The main point of excitement was getting my ticket and visa for ...Read more

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Say No to Tagging ... maybe ...

I got tagged again.  I didn't reply to the last one.  I wasn't planning on replying to this one.  But in celebration of being caught up on my blog posts, I figured I would give it a try and see what happens. 

Fantabulous Friday meme

  1. What is the most fantabulous thing that has happened this week?

Well, it isn't being tagged.  hahahaha.  And if I have to use the word "fantabulous", then it might be just doing what I'm doing and having the opportunity to live a (for t...Read more

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Future Blogs

This entry is really just to keep things organized in my head for the future.  These are the future blogs I need to write about stuff I've been up to ...

*jetli.com, come together and poker *Rebooting the systemLots of other stuff to write about too, but these are the more "important" for now.  Hopefully I'll have time to write about them.

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Goals - Part 6: The Never-Ending Ladder

Well, I suprised myself.  I never thought I would end up with 6 parts to this series of blogs about goals.  Originally I was just going to write one, but I suppose a lot of stuff has been on my mind lately so ... pop goes the weasel...

So far I've done a lot of talking about goals as fixed points in our life.  What I mean by that is that I've been talking about each goal as an end unto itself.  Marathon running, for example.  You have that goal -- but then what?  What does that lead to?  Do you have a g...Read more

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Hong Kong (6/1 - 6/7): Second Track Attempt

I have succumbed to the same affliction many of you have...  I wrote a super long (even for me) blog entry, bringing myself completely up to date, and after I "saved" the draft, it disappeared.  But, it was a problem that many people were having, and Stephen was hard at work fixing it, so I didn't really have much to complain about.  I can always write things again, right?  I might not be as eloquent, but you'll still get the gist of things.Amazingly, it just happened again.  I wrote this entry th...Read more

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