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Welcome to jetli.com!

Just wanted to take a break and say hello and welcome to all the new jetli.com users here at alive not dead.  We've been working hard to create this set of new features for you guys so I hope you like it.  I look forward to seeing what sort of stuff you guys come up with here with our new features!

Thanks for your patronage!  And see you around the site!

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Hong Kong (5/20 - 5/25): Irregularity and Poker

The week was highlighted by three things: bad sleeping habits, Jet Li, and poker.

When I returned from Wenzhou I made the mistake of dropping by the office on Sunday evening.  Of course, not having internet for 2 days means that e-mail and online tasks build up. So, by the time I had finished going through my stuff it was close to 4 a.m. already.  I crashed on the couch at work. But my schedule was pretty messed up for the rest of the week.  Long hours at work followed by late sleeping and late waking u...Read more

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Hong Kong (5/26 - 5/31): Getting Back on Track?

After a week of poor sleeping schedule I decided to force myself back on track and spend a weekend at home, relaxing, cleaning and organizing (my three favorite things in the world).

When I left Pat and Stephen's very late Friday night (actually, very early Saturday morning) I realized that if I went to bed at that time, I would not be helping my schedule at all.  The answer (according to my personal experience and the way my own body works) is to force myself to stay up as late as I could, sleep as...Read more

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This Week in my Past - 2006: Lianne in Shanghai

This past weekend I finally got around to finishing my 3rd "Lianne in Shanghai" video.  Obviously it is no longer something from THIS week in my past, but, meh, who cares?

Anyway, in the process of going through my media from when Lianne was in Shanghai I realized that I had a lot of videos and images in the wrong folders.  So, I went through all of them and organized the files.  But as a result I realized that it wouldn't make sense to use the remaining footage so I just did it again from...Read more

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this is a test

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Hong Kong (12/2): NaNoWriMo Update!

As you'll recall, on November 5, 2007 I set the lofty goal of saying I would try to write a 50,000+ word book by the end of the month.  At times it was hard finding the time to get things done, but by the end of the month I had completed the first of my two goals.  I clocked in on November 30 with 51,964 words of my book completed. 

The second goal was to finish the book in it's entirety by the 5th of December, which was one month from the day I started this project.  As of tonight I have just finished up t...Read more

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Hong Kong (1/5): 25for25 - Final Results

My 25for25 Challenge ended a week ago, but I wanted to post up the results, and some of my thoughts, for all of you who were curious ...

As you'll recall, at the beginning of the challenge my stats were as follows:

Maximum single run: 2 minutes

Total run time: 7 minutes out of 25 total

The final run, while not my best run of the 25 days, was still a total improvement over where I started.  In fact, it was almost the opposite.  My final stats were as follows:

Maximum single r...Read more

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2007.9.05 [HKG]: Back in the Fray

It's been 2 months since I started my self-imposed "blogging hiatus".  It's been a nice break and it helped me develop a little more perspective on what I'm doing, both with blogging and in other areas of my life. 

And with that newly developed perspective I'm ready to get my blog back on.  What have I been up to these past 2 months?  If I have time I will post up the highlights, but no promises.

This afternoon I will be flying to Fuzhou for a short trip to visit some friends.  The 2...Read more

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Hong Kong (12/19): A Day In Pictures

Read more

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New Artists

I just wanted to draw everyone's attention to some of the newer artists we've been bringing on to alivenotdead.  In fact, we've been pretty busy adding a TON of new, cool people here, so I thought I would just highlight a few of my favorites so you can be sure to check them out.

Ana R One of the top models in Asia and a pretty cool person to boot. It took her a while but we're glad she could...Read more

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