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No More Importing

WHY THE @!#$@# DON'T MY BLOGS IMPORT CONSISTENTLY???</ end angry outburst >

On a related note ... I'm going to turn off my blog importing until the new version of the site is up, because this is just really really annoying ...

Go to www.wushuzilla.com to read what I'm writing until that sunny day when the new version of alivenotdead has launched.

I'm not really angry.  I just had my caps locks on and decided it made a very dramatic effec...Read more

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Heading Home from Hong Kong

I am currently sitting in my train just having passed through Zhengzhou station in Henan Province.

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No Hangzhou — Hong Kong Instead

So, if you couldn’t guess from my Twitter Feed or Facebook or wherever else I have an online presence, I was not able to make it to Hangzhou for the wushu competition. A little bummed about that, but not much that can be done about it.  Instead I’m heading back to Hong Kong for a business trip.  In fact, I am at the Xi’an train station as I write this.

I picked up a 3G USB Wireless Modem at the DianZiGuangChang in Xi’an and signed up for a trial package to see how it works.  The 3G stick includes a slot for my 8GB Micr...Read more

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Competition Countdown! Athletes Depart at T-Minus 4 Days

Today I made my way to the Sports Center to borrow a few silks from Xiao Yu (just helping some friends out with something).

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Competition Countdown! T-Minus 1 Week

In just 7 days from today the next wushu competition in China will be held in Hangzhou.  I am planning to attend, although I may miss a few events due to other obligations.  Of course I will try to film as much as I can.  (I’m actually behind on my blog from the Hong Kong -> Xi’an leg of my last trip, but I’m going to cut ahead a little bit to today’s wushu class.)

The Shaanxi Wushu Team is hard at work to put on some finishing touches on their forms.  I’m actually on the temporarily injured reserve list (my k...Read more

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Training in China

Want to train in China?Click here!

No related posts.

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How to Travel Like a Pro: Xi’an to Hong Kong

As I mentioned before, I have a trip to Hong Kong planned for this week.

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Ask the Zilla: Do Chinese Athletes Hate Wushu?

Wyyc asked an interesting question on wushuzilla.com that got me thinking.  Here it is:

Anyway, I met a former [professional wushu athelte] recently who coached me on Nanquan. He was talking about the years he spent training and how he began to hate Wushu by his 16th year in it. He said training was extremely bitter and at the time they could train up to 4 times a day, which I think isn’t the case now from your posts about the Shanxi team’s schedule. What I wanna know is, are most of the Shanxi team memb...Read more

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Call the ‘Zilla!

I have set up a wushuzilla.com hotline number, just for members.  You can get the number in the members section if you would like to call me up.

I actually have a purpose for getting the number, but until that purpose is actualized you can just call and enjoy the fact that you have a way to contact someone in China (not that you didn’t already, but isn’t a phone way cooler than “e-mail”?).

Go ahead!  Give me a call!

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My Personal Path to Rock-Solid Stances

With the advice Xiao Yu gave me to improve my wushu technique, I have already started noticing improvement in the transitional power of my stances, as well as in my overall leg strength.

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