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Hong Kong (2/19 - 2/23): Working and Furniture

During the rest of the week my illness continued to slowly improve. I spent pretty much the whole week either at the office or waiting for furniture to be delivered. Ikea was supposed to come on Wednesday, which was written on two different receipts I had from them, but for some reason it was put in their computer for Thursday. So I had to wait two days for the furniture to be delivered.

It was worth it though. It's nice to have things to fill up my home. My favorite item was the table, which I reall...Read more

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Shanghai (2/23 - 2/26): Preparations for Shandong

I arrived in Shanghai around 9:00 p.m.-ish, made my way through customs and grabbed a cab for my apartment. Waiting for me there was Tiffany who, as you know, has been staying at my place while she's training with Yang Laoshi and Zhu Wen Jun. We caught up for a bit and I watched a bit of my downloaded torents on the computer. The next day I went to watch her practice. The school had moved the wushu athletes to a new wushu guan, which is just across from the rhythmic gymnastics hall. It's nice to see ...Read more

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Jinan (2/26 - 2/28): Shandong Wushu Reunion

We arrived, safe and sound, at Jinan International Airport and grabbed a taxi to the Shan Yin Da Jiu Dian (the taxi driver laughed when he saw it and said "it's not a da jiu dian! It's a xiao jiu dian!". Waiting for us in the lobby was Lu Laoshi (a.k.a. Wang Wei's uncle) who helped us check in and get settled in our rooms. He helped us talk to the restaurant people and also confirmed that practice was at 8:30 the next morning in the wushu guan. He had to take off for a meeting so he left us to...Read more

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Shanghai (2/28 - 3/1): Overnight in Shanghai

The flight was delayed, but I still managed to arrive at a relatively decent time. The main problem was the line for the taxi. Granted it goes relatively fast, but it was REALLY long this time. I ended up waiting about 40 minutes for the taxi. I guess if you factor in the taxi waiting time, then it's almost the same as flying to Pudong airport. If I took the bus from Pudong for 20 rmb then it's actually cheaper from Pudong. Anyway, I had a list of things I wanted to do before I left the next day so I had ...Read more

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Hong Kong (3/1 - 3/3): Boon Docks in HK and Pat's Return to Wushu

When I got out of the Airport Express with my 4 pieces of luggage I decided to just take a taxi straight home and unload all my stuff before heading in to the office. When I got to work Boon was there! For those of you who don't remember, Boon used to work at Design Reactor and Rotten Tomatoes as a designer, and he's moved to Hong Kong to work for AliveNotDead as our Creative Director. It was nice to see a familiar face again. Work was good. It was work -- not much to write abou...Read more

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Hong Kong (3/4 - 3/8): Domestificationizing

Over the weekend I did a lot of catching up on my sleep. Friday night I got about 13 hours of sleep and Saturday night I got another 12 hours of sleep. It did WONDERS. Saturday I spent the afternoon in the office working.

Sunday I spent the afternoon cleaning up my home and also bought a TV and microwave for my home. The TV is nice as it has VGA-in as well as the standard other inputs. It's a flat screen and is 20", which is a perfect size considering the size of my living room.

In the even...Read more

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Hong Kong (3/9): Wushu and Wii-laxation

There are actually no pictures from this entry.  I haven't been carrying my camera around as much as before and even when I do it's usually in my bag and I forget to bring it out.Anyway, as I mentioned before I went back (again) to wushu on Friday evening.  After the previous week's observation of Pat's class I was feeling like I should get back in to gear with some training so I, as well as Stephen, joined in on the teen wushu class at Li Fai's school.  Li Fai was actually there too, participating ...Read more

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Hong Kong (3/10 - 3/11): Weak Ends

Saturday I had arranged to meet up with X-Tina at the Jusco in Tai Woo around 11 a.m., but I was running late in the morning so we rescheduled for noon. After we met at the MTR station the first order of business was lunch, so we grabbed some food at the McDonald's above the station.

X-Tina brought her daughter along with her too. It was kinda neat pushing the stroller around and getting a feeling for what it might be like to have a kid, but I came to realize something. Well, two things. First, if you're a g...Read more

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Hong Kong (4/14): HKFA Dress Rehearsal

AFter our rehearsal at the JC Group offices we have a couple hours to kill before going to the venue for a group dress rehearsal that evening.

the alive not dead crew, along with the fine folks from audio traffic (and jason tobin) caught a cab and headed over to the ferry terminal area to grab some food at white spot.  (i opted for a wrap at mix).

Read more

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Hong Kong (5/12): Let's Fight - Round 2

The first night of Let's Fight was the more "punk" type of rock music. The second night was supposed to be the "hard core" type of rock.  The rumors were in no way false.

After doing some work at the office in the afternoon we (the usual suspects) met up to eat some yoshinoyas and grab some taxis to the venue.  The second night was sold out, which is a great thing, and they had another round of tables for more bands.  I bought a King LyChee t-shirt, got a QiuHong Sticker and another ...Read more

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