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Hong Kong (12/12): 25for25 Week 1 Update

I just wanted to post an update for those who were curious how my 25for25 Challenge is going.

Week 1 has just ended and I've finished 7 of the 25 days of daily running.  Some interesting things that have come up ...

At first it was hard.  Very hard.  And painful.  The first workout I was able to run about 6 of the 25 minutes with the rest of the time spent walking.  I probably burned about 180 calories and went around 1.7 miles.  Currently I'm up to running 12 of the 25 minutes with around 250 ...Read more

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Hong Kong (10/28): HZH in HK - Part 3: Central

Let's see .. we last saw our group leaving the Wing Shya exhibit and heading back to the hotel.  When we got there we hung out for a bit, checking email, watching TV and relaxing before heading out for dinner.

Patti and Jing Jing on the comput...Read more

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Hong Kong (10/29): HZH in HK - Part 4: Causeway Bay

On Monday I came in to the office for the first part of the day so Patti, James, JingJing and Er Jiu went to Admiralty and Kowloon to do some shopping.  In the late afternoon I went off to meet up with them for dinner.

It turned out that JingJing had gone back to Macau in the afternoon so it was just the four of us.  First we took a walk around Causeway Bay, but since we were hungry the first stop was over to the World Trade Center (yes, it's really called that) for a walk around the mall and a ...Read more

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVI9oPzmWH4 this is a test entry.l

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Hong Kong (10/27): HZH in HK - Part 1: The Peak

My wushu teacher, Hao Zhi Hua (a.k.a. Patti Li) is in Beijing for a month, visiting family and watching the World Wushu Games which will be held in November.  During her visit to China she took a few days, along with her older brother, his daughter JingJing and a student named James, to come visit me in Hong Kong.

I went to their hotel in Causeway Bay to await their arrival.  Originally they were scheduled to show up around noon, but due to flight delays out of Beijing they didn't arrive until later...Read more

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Hong Kong (10/28): HZH in HK - Part 2: Kowloon

On the second day of their visit we decided to have the consumate Hong Kong dining experience and met up for dim sum in Kowloon's TST.  I met up with the group at their hotel early in the morning (7:45 ish) and we had a small (but not really) breakfast buffet before resting in the room and then heading out on the Tram.

We took the tram to central and walked over to the Star Ferry terminal where Patrick was waiting for us.  After greetings we boarded the ferry to Kowloon and then walked over to Serena...Read more

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This Week in my Past - 2006: Lianne in Shanghai, Part 2

As a continuation of my previous "Week in my Past" entry, this is part 2 of the Lianne video trilogy.  This one deals with going out for dinner, KTV and clubbing with friends and athletes.  I should mention that these videos aren't necessarily in chronological order, but I suppose that's not really relevant since most of you weren't there anyway.

The videos are short, but it's easier for me to edit snippets of things this way than to undertake a single video with all th...Read more

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Hong Kong (1/6): 5^3

I wanted to let you guys know about my next personal challenge. 

In my other blog I had asked for suggestions on what I should do for this challenge.  I received a lot of good suggestions (many of which I may still do later on) but this is the one I decided to do next.  It's basically a combination of suggestions, along with some of my own ideas.

Again, the main idea here is just to take action.  Using that momentum from the NaNoWriMo and the 25for25 to keep myself going in a positive direction.  It's less about r...Read more

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Future Blogging To-Do's

Just writing out a list of things to add to my blog (or just general projects) in the future.  I come up with ideas of things to blog about from time to time, but often don't have time until later on to do them.  This is just to keep things straight in my head...

(In no particular order)

Guangzhou Trip Blog (2 parts)

Wu Di video trailer

Zhengzhou 2006 Trip Blog-u-mentary (5 parts)

Wang Fei 2006 Wedding videos

Shanghai Retrospective Blog-u-mentary

2007 Hong Kong Retrospect...Read more

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Hong Kong (12/21): 25for25 Week 2 Update

Amazingly, I'm still going strong with the 25 for 25 project.  This is just a quick update for those of you who are curious, (and yet not curious enough to subscribe to my project).

BEFORE: Could run 6 or 7 of the 25 minutes

NOW: Can run 15 of the 25 minutes.

BEFORE: Was only able to run non-stop for 1.5 to 2 minutes.

NOW: Can run without stopping at a 8:30 minute mile for 10 minutes.

BEFORE:Read more

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