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My special dance class woot !

Ok well not really MY class because i'm not the teacher but just the assistant but still =p

People in Shanghai, come and dance with (me) us !

It's a class for non chinese speakers like me...even if i started my mandarin class with Askbenny. So it will be all in english.

This is the opening so the demo classes are FREE ^_^

Send me a msg if you have questions.

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Stupid day !

For those who doesn't know it yet, I hate Vday, especially in SH.

Since everybody got excited about this day i'm more like :

I don't want to debate about why and what but just all this rustling, cheesy, pink excitement is pissing me off. Last year I experienced it in SH and It was sooooooo annoying.

So please don't wish me a happy Vday otherwise I might bite you...Read more

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Having fun by myself

I can already hear some of you having perverted thoughts from here (like DY for instance...), but no there is nothing sexual in this post (sorry sweetie ;)).

I just realized that most of the time when i play with my hair, my self pictures are portraits and you guys will end up by believing I'm just a head with no body haha.

More seriously, it's just because i was bored before going to my dance classes and that i'm damn full of myself ! ;)

Ok, so let's start as usual, with a classic portrait and a ...Read more

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Piece of me ?

Old experimental shots that I forgot on my HD...Suggestion more than obviousness.

It was supposed to look like calendar pictures or wallpapers but dunno if it works that well tho.

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4.24am...i slept at 12ish woke up 1h ago...nice

I think the few next days will be kinda messy, Lee briefed me about all the projects we have to work on and he mentioned something like : "it's gonna be very tiring, i dunno if you can handle it until you go to LA... it's gonna be like no days off for 2 months if we want to be in time."

It doesn't sound that terrible when we had our meeting but now I doubt it's gonna be painless...I remember how exhausted I was during the 2 months before the Dance Space event,...Read more

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On the way back

I'm at the airport, few minutes before boarding. It's time to go back to Shanghai.

I realized i hated airports. I used to be excited to be there but not anymore.

To me it's just leaving things behind now...

Well i chose this life, just have to deal with that now. bleh

See u in China everyone !

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First I wish everybody a happy CNY !

This is the little gift i made for my mum ^_^ . I found at Xujiahui in Shanghai a shop where you can buy small figurines and create your own composition. I made a set with all the divinities and special characters who bring you protection, fortune and good luck. It's super cute !

I think i'll made one for me !

As i said in my last post, i've been...Read more

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Having fun with Justice

Ladies, before you hate me about this title i'm just talking about my last editing work.

Work is a big word tho because I was awake and bored in the middle of the night because of the jetlag (oh did i mention i was back to France for a couple of weeks ? ;)).

Original one:

Too nice to me, need more contrast.

So i made Justice more mysterious and lightly scary ?

<...Read more
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Boyish as usual

Last friday, XWT had a small battle night and showcase.

Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/VgMv4syfXjk/ At this occasion, we all have to dress up...

And i choose to be like this :

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I woke up at 7am, not even tired and pissed about being up that early, i'm in good mood and i'm listenning my classical playlist with a homemade Cafe latte...

Outside, it's a rainning day but it doesn't really bother me.

What's wrong with me ?????

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I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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