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Ooooppss I did it again...

I got my red hair back.

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Hope you have 2h to kill now because it's been a while

Woooow i think this is gonna be a long a$$ blog because it's been a while i didn't say anything about my life in SH.

Ok so let's first talk about my sweet XWT crew and the Dance Space.

Every summer, the school has a big show case to end the school year. I didn't take a lot of pics because Cyrille was there, shooting everything.

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Previously in HK

If you missed the 1st episode.I don’t know for how long I’ve been talking to the window but I’m just fascinated by what i’m hearing! I’m about to ask Ryder another question but he is waving bye bye at me and point at something behind me. I turn around to see what he is showing me and… I am stunned.  

Ryder is walking in the middle of the crowd, for real!

Wait, what do I mean by “for real”?

A quick look in the window confir...Read more

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In my Fortress of Solitude

(the pics are not my creation, they are wallpapers i found)

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Physically and mentally exhausted

Changes are more painful than expected. But they are necessary...

Healthier life, new jobs, new projects, new schedule, new connections...

I feel like a busy working girl...

And now i'm lazy to write a logic blog so forgive me the following randomness.

I started to "cook" japanese cold tofu ! yummi !

Summer time = Watermelon t...Read more

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Meeting Ryder

I forgot to blog about a strange story that happened to me when i was in HK... Let me try to remember:

Causeway bay, HK 6.34pm…

It’s Sunday evening, I’m still tired from AnD anniversary party… I’m sleepy but I decided to hang out a bit close by Time Squares, as I have to meet up with Michael Chan for dinner.

I am walking slowly to Sogo and the weather is nice, not too hot as the last time I came to HK…

On my way I notice someone looking at...Read more

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Color Analyze

Yung Yung Yu posted an entry about how your favorite colors can reflect your personality.

I'm pretty surprised by the accuracy of the analyze, well at least for me it works.RED

You are a passionate person. You are energetic and desire to maintain a busy lifestyle. Strength is something you utilize to obtain the many things you crave. Obtaining power is a goal that ranks high in your life and you are intense about reaching your goals. You like excitement and may be...Read more

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AnD Fake goodies again...Guys, it has began !

Last month, Li Tong blogged about the fake AnD cap she found at fake market in SH.

Few minutes ago i got a email from Tommy Tam with this picture :

HAHAHA yes guys, they also copied the pink vers...Read more

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I'm blond now....

Look !

But Kyo my hairstylist put some raspberry ice cream on ;)

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It happens that i work too...

People may think I'm a kinda party animal who has so much free time that she can travel around the world just for chillin... wait it sounds almost right ??... no not really. It was just by chance that i could go to CA and HK in less than 2 months...

Otherwise i have a job...wait no... i have many jobs...

Here are few jobs for Hardly Evers and Racks Shanghai :

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I look japanese,chinese or korean but I'm not...But for sure, I am french. I like when life is random, full of surprises and fun stuffs. I try to go forward,

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